About Lawsome Podcast

Behind The Bolden Podcast Network

Our Team

LAWsome was created by two legal marketing professionals that wanted to provide an authentic, inspirational resource for lawyers and people working in law firms.

Jake Sanders worked for many years as a digital marketing coordinator and as a Marketing Director at a personal injury law firm before launching his own marketing consulting agency and joining forces with Consultwebs.

As Digital Advertising Lead at Consultwebs, Paul Julius has spent the last 5 years working with lawyers and law firms, and the last 10 managing and optimizing Adwords, Bing, social and other paid marketing campaigns. @pj_julius


After launching countless advertising campaigns, attending meetings and webinars that resulted in more confusion than clarity, and having candid conversations with frustrated clients that all voiced the same, exact concerns; Jake and Paul realized that there was an opportunity to serve the legal community with a content resource that could help connect legal professionals on common ground. The LAWsome Podcast is that resource. 

The LAWsome Podcast provides legal industry insights and access to the best experts in law firm development – inspiring lawyers and legal professionals to be a little more LAWsome in their work and lives. Good content considers the audience and poses the question – “What’s In It For Them?” Lawyers prefer to interact with content that can answer two questions – will it make me a better lawyer or – can it help me run a better law firm? So Jake and Paul decided to create a podcast and treat it like a legal seminar people actually WANT to attend. Bring humor, entertainment, and education and connect with lawyers on an authentic level. Cover the latest news in law firm development and digital marketing. Conduct in-depth interviews with experienced lawyers and legal professionals on trending topics of interest. Make legal marketing LAWsome. 

We hope you enjoy.