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Ep – 125 “Whelan PI Lawyer: Advertise Another Day”

legal marketing podcast audio drama WhelanFriends, lawyers, marketers, this summer, lend the LAWsome Podcast your ears for another commercial audio drama of epic proportions; “Whelan PI Lawyer: Advertise Another Day”


A lawyer seeking to grow his firm online, makes a journey of marketing self-discovery, and with the help of some friends, uncovers the truth of what it takes to Advertise Another Day.

Starring: Mike Whelan, Johnnie Finch, Casey Erin Clark, Magnus Simonarson, Tanner Jones, Alexandra Rose, and Nicole Whelan

Written, Scored, Produced, and Directed for Audio: Jacob Sanders


Snag your satirical marketing swag below, and, get a pager!

Ep 96 – Digital Ad Fraud & How to Fight Back

A mandatory modern marketing masterclass with Dr. Augustine Fou about digital advertising and how to make the most of your advertising budget by avoiding the bots and scammers.







Digital Ad Fraud Is Worse Than Ever

Today’s Hot Take is from, “‘A daily, hourly fight’: Digital ad fraud is worse than ever” by Jessica Davies. She writes:

“The digital ad industry has long played whack-a-mole with fraudsters, and 2019 will be no different. A mammoth mobile in-app fraud scandal uncovered last October was a stark reminder of how sophisticated and tenacious fraudsters are.

While initiatives like ads.txt have helped reduce domain spoofing and reselling of unauthorized inventory, there’s a way to go. In fact, some industry executives believe ad fraud is worse than ever. It’s a daily, hourly fight.”

Real talk – it’s even worse than that. Augustine shows us later the scale of spend — it’s truly astonishing what we find out, but the best news was that at the end of the interview, he gives two of the best pieces of advice we’ve heard in years about marketing and digital advertising.

Approximately $20 billion is estimated to be lost to ad fraud a year.That is more than Elon Musk is worth. Just think about that for a minute. 20 billion dollars is getting stolen and it’s barely a concern for most advertisers – Dr. Fou says dismissed it’s “built in to the cost” but that’s not a good way to think about fraud.

A very eye-opening article for sure.

The Doctor Is In The House – And He’s Not Messing Around

Dr. Augustine Fou is an independent cyber security and ad fraud consultant, who helps clients improve their marketing efforts by applying technical forensics to uncover digital ad fraud, threats to consumer privacy and cybersecurity risks.

Currently an Adjunct Professor at Rutgers University and NYU teaching digital marketing strategy, Augustine completed his Ph.D. at MIT in Materials Science and Engineering at the age of 23 AND holds a patent for a jet engine barbecue grill*. He has over 22 years of digital marketing experience, starting at McKinsey & Company, and was most recently the chief digital officer at Omnicom’s Healthcare Consultancy Group.

We are very grateful that he’s taking a quick break from hunting down internet bad guys to join us on the show today

Learn more about Dr. Augustine Fou HERE

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Ep 91 – Copywriting in Legal Marketing & Advertising

We talk bland taglines and how to solve them, and then an interview with marketer, copywriter, and Associate Creative Director at Wellmark, Dr. Ryan Wallman.

Tagline Branding Is About Saying Nothing

Today’s Hot Take is from “Copywriters Can’t Even Come Up With A Decent Meaningless Tagline Anymore, ” by Mark Duffy. He writes:

“Industry experts keep insisting that taglines are dead. But every year, taglines keep getting written. Bad taglines. Wanky “hashtaglines” that make for s***ty hashtags and even s***tier taglines.

The days of taglines actually meaning something (Avis: “We’re No. 2, We Try Harder”; FedEx: “When It Absolutely Positively Has To Be There Overnight”) are mostly gone.”

We completely agree – it seems as if there is a lot of mimicry but not a lot of substance to these campaigns. Less words is better, but there is no weight given to them, no testing to see what’s effective, just vapid two or three-word phrases that are so generic they end up meaning nothing, but who cares because the next campaign is going to be launching and this one will become another hashtag on the pile of dead social media “branding” efforts.

“There’s no secret to the tagline-writing Process, brands and copywriters. You consume as much knowledge about the brand as you can, let it all incubate in your brain, and start writing. At first, you try to make sense. Get a bad, inaccurate thesaurus, like Roget’s, and start connecting words. Connect them in and out of order. Then, leave your senses and write any stupid thought that comes into your mind. Then, get stoned. And keep writing. Use curse words. Write anti-taglines — taglines that make the brand sound like the worst thing ever invented. Write 50, 100, 500 taglines. Eventually, you may get to something that’s pretty good. But you may not. At that point, you’ll want to kill yourself or go back to digging ditches for a living. Or, you can keep writing.”

Copywriting Done Right

Ryan Wallman is Associate Creative Director at Wellmark, a creative agency that takes care of healthcare brands – With a Masters of Marketing from Melbourne Business School, a medical degree and more than 12 years of experience in copywriting, technical writing and editing, Dr. Wallman’s forte is the creative execution and direction of healthcare marketing communications, but, he’s so much more isn’t he?

Brilliant satirical hot takes about marketing culture online, robustly funny work in the book Eat Your Greens, razor sharp GIF-work on social media – all with impeccable copywriting in mind…’s our distinct pleasure to bring to all this to the LAWsome audience, from Melbourne, Australia.

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Ep 77 – Marketing Your Law Firm Online

We talk about why attorneys hate marketing, and then we talk with the marketer, journalist, & creative firebrand Charlie Heck about what it takes to successfully market a law firm online.







10 Biggest Reasons Why Lawyers Shun the Concept of Marketing

Today’s Hot Take is from “Why Attorneys Hate Marketing and What You Can Do About It,” By John O. Cunningham. Great read, and in it he lays out 10 objections lawyers and law firms typically voice when it comes to marketing.  I won’t go through all 10, but it touches on everything from ethical concerns all the way to fear of messing it up. It’s cool that this article has a solution to overcoming each objection (written by a lawyer so no surprise there). However much of the pushback here is related to a broader problem and that is misunderstanding what marketing is and how it can be used.

Too many times lawyers look at what could be considered the extreme – TV lawyer advertisers – and equate all marketing efforts with that. Bar association after bar association survey attests to the perception FROM LAWYERS that advertising hurts the image of lawyers, but the reality is there’s a misunderstanding – it’s like saying all car commercials are bad because you don’t like the wacky used car guy’s low budget efforts. I think Lexus, Toyota, Ford and the like would disagree with you.

And so there’s another point – fear. I don’t want to put myself out there because it’s scary – what if my peers make fun of me like the “in  a wreck get a check” guy? What if I get torched on twitter because I don’t really understand how social media is used?

It’s a well thought out and well written article with thorough replies to each objection it raises, so check it out.

“If you want to help your online visitors understand what makes you so unique, then let’s show them!”

Charlie Heck is the founder of Checkmark Creative – a marketing boutique that caters to law firms and legal professionals – Charlie got her BA in Journalism and Political Science from the University of North Texas Mayborn College of Journalism. With experience in newsrooms and content marketing in the private sector, and expertise in editorial content planning, social media copy and visual elements (infographics, short, text-heavy videos, podcasting, etc.) and email marketing, Charlie is a true Jane-of-All-Trades and it’s our pleasure to welcome her to LAWsome today.

Learn more about Charlie and CheckMarkCreative HERE

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BONUS – Five Common PPC Mistakes Law Firms Make

Wondering if your digital advertising budget is going to good use, or out the window?

Explore five common Pay Per Click (PPC) mistakes legal marketers are making, and how to address them.