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BONUS – Seven Tips for Law Firm Marketing Success

The lawyer who is armed with the right knowledge and strategic insight on marketing can make progress.

Here are 7 tips for marketing success you can take back to your law firm.

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Ep 103- Vanity Numbers and Voice in Legal Marketing

We talk about the role of memory in advertising and then we discuss phone numbers, marketing, and the power of voice with RingBoost President, Paul Faust.








Understanding Memory In Advertising

Today’s Hot Take is from “Understanding Memory In Advertising,” By David Brandt, EVP, Product Leadership and Ingrid Nieuwenhuis, Director, Neuroscience. It is fascinating, 100% must-read, here’s some of what’s inside:

“Advertisers and those who measure the impact of advertising are obsessed with memory. If advertising is to be successful, it has to stick in the consumer’s memory—or so the saying goes. But what exactly is that thing called memory, how long does it linger, and how do we measure it?

At the first level, memory can be divided into two types: Explicit memory, which refers to information we are aware of (the facts and events we can consciously access), and implicit memory, which refers to information we’re not consciously aware of (it’s stored in our brain and can affect behavior, but we can’t recall it).

Nielsen tested the memorability of 49 video ads immediately after consumers were exposed to them in a clutter reel, and we tested that memorability again the day after exposure (among a separate group of people). Levels of branded recognition had fallen nearly in half overnight. This isn’t just happening in the lab: Nielsen’s in-market tracking data shows similar patterns.”

What does this tell us about measuring memory? First, that time between exposure and measurement matters. The 24 hours mark is ideal because that’s the point where the memory curve starts to flatten. Second, that advertising memories are encoded in context (asking questions about the show in which the ad aired, for instance, is going to help consumers remember that ad). Finally, that memories can endure—either via repetition for explicit types of memories, or via implicit internalization.

To help advertisers in today’s cluttered advertising environment, researchers need to measure memory in all its forms.

“If you can make the path to the client easier, everything clicks.”

Paul Faust is the president of RingBoost the nation’s largest provider of custom phone numbers, and he believes in the power of voice connection to help law firms grow in today’s crowded marketplace.

Paul was inducted into the PILMMA Hall of Fame in 2017, is active in dozens of legal shows a year, has launched several successful businesses, is a volunteer firefighter, and he’s here to set the show ablaze with his thoughts on the reemergence of voice and it’s role in business development for law firms

Learn more about Paul Faust and RingBoost HERE

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Ep 101 – A LAWsome Christmas Carol

When was the last time you were enchanted?

This holiday season, Consultwebs presents, a legal podcast experience unlike any you’ve ever heard; “A LAWsome Christmas Carol”

“A LAWsome Christmas Carol” brings Dickens’ famous cautionary tale to the world of legal marketing & technology in a festive and unforgettable way. A lawyer stuck in the past is taken on a voyage by time-traveling spirits, and along the journey, learns the true meaning of the law firm.


  • Classic performances by lawyers, legal professionals, teachers, and industry leaders
  • Timeless advice on legal marketing, tech, & law firm development
  • An original musical score, haunting sound design, tacos, and so much more!

“A LAWsome Christmas Carol” is sure to delight even the most humbug lawyer under your tree.

Starring: Mike Whelan, Erin Levine, Jess Birken, Michael Simon, Jared Correia, Cat Moon, David Kempston, Paul Julius, and Jacob Sanders.

Written, Scored, and Produced for Audio – Jacob Sanders


“Kempston’s Ghost” animatic by Neon Brown

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BONUS – Paying for Law Firm SEO and Not Seeing Results?

Sometimes, a law firm paying for SEO is invested in moving up the search results, but they aren’t seeing the traffic, or the investments, converting into cases. What could be the problem?


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Ep 99 – The Data Driven Legal Marketer

We talk about data driven marketing trends, and then about effective growth and marketing strategies for law firms with Bill Bice.








What Emerging Data-Driven Trends Mean for Marketers

Today’s Hot Take is from, “What Emerging Data-Driven Trends Mean for Marketers” by Katherine Kim. She Writes:

“While emerging trends are mostly tactical, data-driven marketing is strategic and is a driving force in reshaping our entire discipline. In this article, we’ve asked three experts to share their insights and predictions on where marketers should prioritize their data efforts and how they should be thinking about data for the future.”

A great point is to not stray to far from customer experience:

“One of the biggest focus areas to come from data-driven marketing centers around the customer experience. This is especially welcome news for the 87% of organizations that agree traditional experiences no longer satisfy their customers.”

Data may lead to job responsibilities being best suited for marketing – marketing can inform sales, strategy, not just awareness and promotion. When in doubt, it pays to listen to what your audience is telling you before you incorporate data trends into your overarching marketing strategy. And social media is a great testing ground for trends.

Don’t look for data to validate or guide a strategy that is counterintuitive, overreaching or overly complex. As we learn from Bill later – word of mouth champions all, and you need to pay attention to what your existing clients and target audience is saying ABOUT YOU.

“…how marketers approach and leverage data also influences the value of data and whether or not brands are using the information at their disposal to its fullest potential. To make data work for them, marketers should be thinking about data in the long-term and what business problems it can solve for in the future.”

Achieving Continual Growth For Law Firms In Increasingly Competitive Markets

Bill Bice’s first company, ProLaw Software, became the largest practice management system for mid-size law firms and is now part of Thomson Reuters. With his new legal marketing company, BOOMTIME, Bill is now focused on tackling another, pressing problem for law firms: achieving continual growth in increasingly competitive markets. We are excited to have him here today to tell our listeners all about it.

Learn more about Bill Bice HERE

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BONUS – Legal Advertising; What if The Waste is The Part That Works?

Learn how perceived waste in advertising contributes to it’s effectiveness, how The Handicap Principle in biology explains it, and then how to use these ideas in your law firm marketing mix.



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Ep 97 – Experience Marketing

We talk about creative marketing ideas that aren’t, and then learn about effective and actually creative ideas from marketing mega-mind Dave Wakeman.








7 “Creative” Legal Marketing Ideas for Your Law Firm

Today’s Hot Take comes to us from the Rocket Lawyer blog, “7 creative legal marketing ideas for your law firm,” by the DIY infographic creator Visme. Really it’s more of a showcase for their graphics design, because the advice it contains is pretty bad as far as being creative. In fact, these aren’t really creative at all, more like entry level:

Invest in SEO
Provide content
Be on social media
Participate in local events
Create short online videos
Integrate reviews on your site
Join an online legal services network

This is what is being passed off as creative marketing to law firms? The infographic is well done visually, and it’s worth checking out the article for that, but not the best examples of creative marketing. Better to listen to the interview with Dave to learn some ways to be creative with marketing for your law firm.

A Relentless Creative Marketer Discovering Hidden Values

Dave Wakeman is a writer, consultant, teacher, and speaker on the topics of community, change, innovation, and strategy. Over his career, companies large and small have trusted him to get them to a new level of success, a new market, or as a needed dose of adrenaline when they find their business lagging. Besides being known as the King of Tickets, Dave is known for his wonderful social media game and insights on marketing, and we are honored to have him on the show today

Learn more about Dave Wakeman HERE

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Ep 89 – Understanding PR & Marketing for Law Firms

We discuss PR vs marketing, then talk about how lawyers can effectively and ethically manage media relations, PR, and marketing for their firms with lawyer & founder of CopoStrategies, Wayne Pollock.








Should Law Firms Invest In Public Relations?

Today’s Hot Take is from “The Practice: Are Public Relations Firms Still Relevant?” by Brian Tannebaum. He opens with:

“Are public relations firm still relevant? Yes – now go back to whatever you were doing.”

Marketing and PR are different – they tread the same ground sometimes but perform different functions. How you are perceived by the public – in the media, in print – is something that if done right will pay back your investment with dividends.

“What a good PR agent does well is to put you together with the right people and events, and keep you away from the wrong ones. This may mean a one-on-one meeting, a sponsorship at a key event, or making you available to the media.”

Think of it this way  – if your firm is consistently represented as the experts, the “go to” people when there is a legal matter, then clients will seek you out. You won’t have to focus your marketing and advertising efforts on chasing them down, and this is a very good position to be in. It’s a great article, and he ends with:

“While every lawyer in town is running to the so called “digital marketing firms,” consider a public relations firm. You may find it better to actually meet the people that can help you build your business, rather than hope they are pointing and clicking their way to your bank account.”

Managing Media Relations Ethically, Strategically and Proactively During Legal Disputes

Wayne Pollock was a litigator at Deckert LLP, one of the largest and most prominent law firms in the world, with more than 900 attorneys worldwide, and more than $1 billion in annual revenues. In his more than six years at the firm, he obtained favorable outcomes for clients by analyzing and presenting complex legal and factual issues. After leaving Deckert in 2016, and based on his decades of experience engineering positive public relation results for clients, Wayne founded Copo Strategies, where he helps his clients manage media relations ethically, strategically and proactively during legal disputes to this very day. And as if this wasn’t enough – he’s decided to enter the LAWsome court of opinion.

Get More Information About Public Relations For Law Firms

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BONUS – How To Create a Law Firm Marketing Strategy

Dispel some common myths and explore the definition of strategy, discover why it’s important to growing your book of business, and then learn how you can create a marketing strategy for your law firm.


Legal Marketing Nutrition Guide –

Marketing Worksheet –

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Ep 83 – Persuasion & Influence in Legal Marketing & Advertising

We discuss persuasion and influence in legal marketing & advertising, and The LAWsome Book Club digs into Dr. Robert Cialdini’s, “Pre-Suasion: A Revolutionary Way to Influence & Persuade” to discover the process of arranging for recipients to be receptive to a message before they encounter it.









Reciprocation, Consistency, Social Proof, Authority, Scarcity

Dr. Robert Cialdini has spent his life studying influence and persuasion, he is the Regents’ Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Marketing at Arizona State University and has been a visiting professor of marketing, business and psychology at Stanford University, as well as at the University of California at Santa Cruz.

His 1984 breakout book “Influence – The Psychology of Persuasion” had the premise of the book is that in a complex world where people are overloaded with more information than they can deal with, people fall back on a decision making approach based on generalizations:

Reciprocation, Consistency, Social Proof, Authority, Scarcity.

These generalizations develop because they allow people to usually act in an acceptable manner, with a limited amount of thought and time. However, these generalizations can be exploited and effectively turned into weapons by those who know them to influence others to act certain ways.

The findings in Cialdini’s 1984 book are backed up by numerous empirical studies conducted in the fields of psychology, marketing, economics, anthropology and social science. Building on his research into human behaviors, his 2016 book, “PreSuasion” explains how people can be “Pre-Suaded” to be receptive to a message before they experience it, via context and cues that work in concert with the generalisations he discovered in the 80s, namely that optimal persuasion is achieved only through optimal pre-suasion. In other words, to change “minds” a pre-suader must also change “states of mind.”

SO in this episode, we are going to cover what PreSuasion is – provide a few examples – and then outline ways you can use it in your law firm.

Learn more about  the book – and Dr. Caldini – HERE