What are the origins of the LAWsome podcast?

LAWsome was created by two legal marketing professionals – Jake Sanders and Paul Julius – that wanted to provide an authentic, inspirational resource for lawyers and people working in law firms. After launching countless advertising campaigns, attending meetings and webinars that resulted in more confusion than clarity, and having candid conversations with frustrated clients that all voiced the same, exact concerns; Jake and Paul realized that there was an opportunity to serve the legal community with a content resource that could help connect legal professionals on common ground. The LAWsome Podcast is that resource.

What is something that makes this podcast unique?

We are the only grass-fed podcast we know of.

What does a typical episode of the podcast sound like?

We start with a thematic intro outlining a concept we discuss in the show. Then we visit and discuss articles, blogs, and other sites that are pertinent to the legal community. Then we dive into an interview or roundtable conversation on the theme of the show. We typically end each episode with no injuries.

What goals are you hoping to accomplish with this podcast?

By bringing humor, entertainment, and education to connect with lawyers on an authentic level, we hope to inspire lawyers and legal professionals to be a little more LAWsome in their work and lives.

What’s been your favorite episode to record so far, and why?

With every new episode it seems like we just recorded our new favorite, so I think as we develop and grow this new show with the audience, we’ll reach more milestones.

Who would be your dream guest for the podcast? Have you already had that dream guest on your show?

Barack Obama. You would’ve heard of this podcast if Barack Obama had been on it.

Busy lawyers should take the time to subscribe to this podcast because…

…when was the last time you were enchanted?