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Ep 109 – Fixing Law Schools

We discuss innovation & regulations of the legal profession, then we chat with Professor Ben Barton, making his return to the podcast to discuss his new book “Fixing Law Schools”                The Legal...

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Ep 108 – Social Media Success for Lawyers

Social media for lawyers, marketing, creativity, content, and a whole bunch of other stuff with the Streaming Lawyer, Mitch Jackson.                12 Social Media Trends to Watch in 2020 Today’s Hot Take is...

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Ep 107 – Law Firms vs Marketing

We talk ROI, marketing, awareness and advertising with the Emmy award winning Ed Herman of Brown and Crouppen.                What is Return On Investment (ROI)? Today’s Hot Take is from,“A Refresher on...

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BONUS – Seven Tips for Law Firm Marketing Success

The lawyer who is armed with the right knowledge and strategic insight on marketing can make progress. Here are 7 tips for marketing success you can take back to your law firm. All materials mentioned can be accessed in the...

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Ep 106 – Legal Project Management

We talk legal tech & business trends in 2020, and then we talk legal project management and get agile and lean w/ Jessica Robinson of Casepoint.                25+ Legal Tech and Business of...

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Ep 105 – E-Discovery & The Digital Law Firm

E-discovery and tech competence, then a chat with digital forensics mastermind Scott Green about data discovery in the digital age.                Ethics Opinion Misses The Mark On Tech Competence Today’s Hot Take is...

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Ep 104 – Intake, Marketing, and Leads

We discuss the must-haves for successful law firm intake processes, and then we talk with master of intake-fu, Tom Ball from Alert Communications.                5 Absolute Musts for Effective Law Firm Intake Today’s...

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Ep 103- Vanity Numbers and Voice in Legal Marketing

We talk about the role of memory in advertising and then we discuss phone numbers, marketing, and the power of voice with RingBoost President, Paul Faust.                Understanding Memory In Advertising Today’s Hot...

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EP 102 – A LAWsome Year End Episode

We look forward to the new year and talk about trends, topics, we’ve seen in the past, what we see coming in the future, and what we’re hopeful for.              This has been an...

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