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Ep 148 – Marketing and Mindset

Today on the show we’re talking about mindset, visualization, and achieving goals, with Stacy Bahrenfuss, of the Catalyst Group, and Limitless with Stacy B!                7 Mindset Habits of Highly Successful Attorneys Today’s...

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Ep 147 – Data Driven Law Firm Business Development

We’re talking about data-driven business development for law firms, with LexisNexis VP & GM of LexisNexis’ Law Firm Software Solutions, Scott Wallingford.                Business Development For Law Firms in 2020 Today’s Hot Take...

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Ep 146 – Referral Marketing for Law Firms

Today on the show we’re talking about referrals – how to get them, how to give them, and how not to be a weirdo about it, with Stacey Brown Randall.                Five Simple...

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Ep 145 – Clio Cloud Conference 2020

Today we’re talking about Clio: the just released 2020 Legal Trends Report, highlights from Clio Cloud Conference, and we are joined by none other than Clio CEO, Jack Newton.                The Opportunity for...

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Bonus Episode – SEO for Lawyers

On the show today we’re talking about Search Engine Optimization – that’s SEO to you hipsters – with Grant Brott, the Director of Production SEO, at Consultwebs, about what works, what doesn’t, and what’s going to be important in the...

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Ep 144 – Law Firm Management and The Cloud

Today on the show, we’re talking with the Chief Information Officer at Lexicon, Brad Paubel, about law firm management, cloud storage, and how culture is central to data security.                5 Reasons Why...

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Ep 143 – Taking Law Firm Data Security Seriously

On the show today we’re talking about data collection, storage and security for law firms, with Senior Counsel for Privacy & Compliance at Spirion, Scott Giordano.                Discover and Remediate Sensitive Data Everywhere...

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Ep 142 – Sailing the Seas of IP for Law Firms

On the show today we’re simplifying complex IP, copyright and patent matters so you can protect your stuff and not get sued for using someone else’s stuff, with IP lawyer, and children’s book author Becki Lee.        ...

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Ep 141 – Making Good Decisions in Bad Times

Today we’re talking about making good decisions in bad times with science, first with an article from Kabiri Consulting, and then we talk to decision scientist, Dr. Nika Kabiri!                “You Don’t Make...

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