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Ep 138 – Law Firm Management Mastery

We’re talking about leadership and management in law firms, first with an article from AboveTheLaw and then we talk to entrepreneur and coach, Kris Plachy, about how to improve your management systems, set expectations and goals with your law firm...

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Ep 137 – Law Firm Tech, eDiscovery, and Data Privacy

We’re talking data security, privacy, and innovation in the law firm, first with an article from the JDL Group, and then we chat with Leigh Vickery from Level2Legal Solutions.                Law Firms Have...

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Ep 136 – Six Steps to a Million Dollar Law Firm

On the show today we’re talking about visualization, success and million dollar mindsets, with lawyer/entrepreneur Wendy Witt, as we explore her “Six Steps to a Million Dollar Law Firm” NEWS – GUEST – Learn more...

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Ep 135 – Taking your Law Firm from Panic to Profit

We talk about law firm development, management, and money metrics with Brooke Lively from Cathedral Capital.                Top 5 Reasons Why Lawyers Lose Money Today’s Hot Take is from,“Top 5 reasons Why...

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Ep 134 – Leadership & Empowerment in the Law Firm

We’re talking about leadership, ownership and empowerment, with entrepreneur, leadership development expert, Keynote Speaker, & Best-Selling Author, Peter Montoya.                Inspire Your Team To Take Ownership Today’s Hot Take is from the greatest...

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Ep 133 – Content Marketing for Family Law Firms

We talk to lawyer & founder of New Beginnings Family Law, Amber James, about understanding your audience, developing an effective brand message, and making the most out of content.                Audience Research for...

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Ep 132 – The Mindful Money Episode

We’re talking about being better at business, finances, and life, just by being in the moment, with the ever-present, Jonathan DeYoe of Mindful.Money.                Can Mindfulness Help You Run Your Business? Today’s Hot...

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Ep 131 – Billing Models & Legal Tech

We’re talking flat fees, subscription services, and the hourly rate, and we talk to lawyer & synth legend, Jonathan Tobin, of Counsel for Creators, about his reasons for different billing options, technology in the law firm, customer service and more!...

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Ep 130 – Lessons Learned on The Run

We’re talking creativity, developing ideas, and lessons learned on the run by author, lawyer, and runner David Kempston.                Working Memory Positively Associated With Higher Physical Endurance, Better Cognitive Function Today’s Hot Take...

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