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Ep – 125 “Whelan PI Lawyer: Advertise Another Day”

Friends, lawyers, marketers, this summer, lend the LAWsome Podcast your ears for another commercial audio drama of epic proportions; “Whelan PI Lawyer: Advertise Another Day”   A lawyer seeking to grow his firm online, makes a journey of marketing self-discovery,...

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Ep 124 – Document Security in the Law Firm

We’re talking about document security, remote lawyers, COVID, and keeping the virtual doors of your law firm fastened with tech, with Jordan Ellington.                  NEWS – GUEST – Learn more...

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Ep 123 – The Legal Gig Economy

We’re talking about outsourcing and freelancing for lawyers, with lawyer and LawClerk co-founder, Kristin Tyler.                Is The Gig Economy Set To Disrupt The Legal Profession? Today’s Hot Take is from one of...

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Ep 122 – Covering Your Law Firm’s Assets

We’re talking about covering your assets, content marketing, grit, guts, and grace, with Lin Eleoff.                Is Your Marketing Breaking The Law? Today’s Hot Take is from,“How to NOT Break the Law...

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Ep 121 – The Wealthy Woman Lawyer

We’re talking about leadership, gender, and the practice of law, with Davina Frederick from Wealthy Woman Lawyer.                Just Do One Thing Right Now Today’s Hot Take is from,“4 Business Development Truths...

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Ep 120 – Legal Reform, Fraud, & Future Law

We’re talking about fraud, judicial reform, and reimagining law firm management of the future with Etan Mark of Mark Migdal & Hayden.                We Need to Buy Time for the Justice System Today’s...

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Ep 119 – The Case for Law Firm Culture

On the show today we talk about millennials and law firm culture with an article from, and then we go deep on culture with lawyer, marketer & author, Eric Farber.                5...

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Ep 118 – So You Want To Start A Podcast – Podcasting for Lawyers

Deciding to start your own podcast is a great idea – or is it? In the process of launching the LAWsome podcast, we learned what it takes to connect content marketing to business goals. In this episode we give you...

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Ep 117 Legal Project Management With A Purpose

We are talking project management with the Agile Attorney himself, John Grant about lean, Sigma, Kanban, legal tech, marketing, management, and what it all means for the busy lawyer of today.                Solving...

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