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Ep 136 – Six Steps to a Million Dollar Law Firm

On the show today we’re talking about visualization, success and million dollar mindsets, with lawyer/entrepreneur Wendy Witt, as we explore her “Six Steps to a Million Dollar Law Firm”

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Ep – 125 “Whelan PI Lawyer: Advertise Another Day”

legal marketing podcast audio drama WhelanFriends, lawyers, marketers, this summer, lend the LAWsome Podcast your ears for another commercial audio drama of epic proportions; “Whelan PI Lawyer: Advertise Another Day”


A lawyer seeking to grow his firm online, makes a journey of marketing self-discovery, and with the help of some friends, uncovers the truth of what it takes to Advertise Another Day.

Starring: Mike Whelan, Johnnie Finch, Casey Erin Clark, Magnus Simonarson, Tanner Jones, Alexandra Rose, and Nicole Whelan

Written, Scored, Produced, and Directed for Audio: Jacob Sanders


Snag your satirical marketing swag below, and, get a pager!

BONUS – ROI: The Musical

The Concept

A time-traveling, genre-spanning, thought-leading comedy musical podcast experience about marketing, sales, and ROI, that’s sure to enchant anyone in business that’s ever asked, “RO-Why are we doing this?

The Details

A musical audio drama, in which, the leadership staff of a fictitious company, after a journey of transformation, discover that investing in marketing the business isn’t about ROI, it’s about RO-Why.

The question business leaders should ask in regards to marketing & ROI is not “what will we get out of marketing,” but “why are we even doing this?”

The Cast

Ryan Wallman as The CEO
Scott Monty as Donaldson Brown
C. Vincent Plummer as the Marketing Director
Casey Clark as Head of Sales
Jeremy Most as The CMO
Paul Julius as Paul Julius
Neon Brown as Jeremy Bentham
and Jacob Sanders

Written, Scored, Directed, and Produced for Audio by Jacob Sanders

FOR MORE INFO + FULL CREDITS GO HERE –> https://posmarketingblog.com/2020/03/24/roi-the-musical/

BONUS – The Four Objectives of Effective Legal Marketing

By focusing on objectives like Attraction, Conversion, Branding, and Delight, legal marketers can segment their activities properly and ensure their strategy covers a spectrum, not just a slice, of what’s required to be successful in marketing.

ORIGINAL POST – https://www.consultwebs.com/blog/the-four-objectives-of-effective-law-firm-marketing/

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BONUS – Seven Tips for Law Firm Marketing Success

The lawyer who is armed with the right knowledge and strategic insight on marketing can make progress.

Here are 7 tips for marketing success you can take back to your law firm.

All materials mentioned can be accessed in the original article – https://lawsome.info/7TipsforLawFirmMarketingSuccess

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BONUS – Paying for Law Firm SEO and Not Seeing Results?

Sometimes, a law firm paying for SEO is invested in moving up the search results, but they aren’t seeing the traffic, or the investments, converting into cases. What could be the problem?

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BONUS – Legal Advertising; What if The Waste is The Part That Works?

Learn how perceived waste in advertising contributes to it’s effectiveness, how The Handicap Principle in biology explains it, and then how to use these ideas in your law firm marketing mix.

ARTICLE – https://lawsome.info/AdWasteBlog

THE STUDY – https://lawsome.info/2QGIQtl

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BONUS – How To Create a Law Firm Marketing Strategy

Dispel some common myths and explore the definition of strategy, discover why it’s important to growing your book of business, and then learn how you can create a marketing strategy for your law firm.

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Legal Marketing Nutrition Guide – http://bit.ly/2kHtNll

Marketing Worksheet – http://bit.ly/CWLawFirmMarketingStrategyWorksheet

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BONUS – Will Marketing & Advertising Cheapen My Law Firm?

legal marketing podcast

What does effective law firm advertising look like?

What do lawyers really think of lawyer advertisements?

What’s the key to making marketing & advertising that gets your law firm noticed?


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