Jacob Sanders

Ep 156 – The CEO Lawyer

Today, we are talking about what it takes to build a brand with content, while running a successful personal injury law firm, with Ali Awad, The CEO Lawyer.

Ep 155 – Law Firm Marketing Strategy

Today, we are talking about what it takes to build a successful law firm marketing strategy, with the lawyer whisperer himself, Steve Fretzin.

Ep 154 – Document Management for Lawyers

Today, we are talking about document management for lawyers and law firms, with Tucker Cottingham, from LawYaw.

Ep 153 – Law Firm Content Marketing

Today we are talking about content marketing for lawyers, and how to use it effectively to generate awareness, and cases, for your law firm, with Annette Choti, from LawQuill. –> https://lawquill.com/ 


Ep 152 – Marketing, COVID, and Managing the Family Law Firm

Today we are talking about family law firm marketing, co-parenting during COVID, running a remote practice, and more with Paemon Aramjoo.


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Ep 151 – Law Firm Resilience

On the show today we’re talking about authenticity, curiosity, resilience, and family law – trust us, it will all make sense in a minute – first with an article from Consultwebs, and then we talk to Seattle Family lawyer Elise Buie.

NEWS – https://lawsome.info/3irydVY
GUEST – https://lawsome.info/EliseBuie

Elise Buie began her legal career as a Federal Judicial Law Clerk in Louisiana. then on to a litigation practice at Blue Williams. After undergoing her own divorce and multiple relocations and truly understanding what it means to put the “best interest of the kids” ahead of her own, Elise now brings her full focus to her current family law practice – advocating for children’s best interest in high-conflict divorce and dependency matters.

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BONUS – A LAWsome Christmas Carol (Re-Broadcast)

This holiday season, Consultwebs presents, a legal podcast experience unlike any you’ve ever heard (since last year);

“A LAWsome Christmas Carol”

“A LAWsome Christmas Carol” brings Dickens’ famous cautionary tale to the world of legal marketing & technology, again, in a festive and unforgettable way. A lawyer stuck in the past is taken on a voyage by time-traveling spirits, and along the journey, learns the true meaning of marketing the law firm.


  • Classic performances by lawyers, legal professionals, teachers, and industry leaders
  • Timeless advice on legal marketing, tech, & law firm development
  • An original musical score, haunting sound design, tacos, and so much more!

“A LAWsome Christmas Carol” is sure to delight even the most humbug lawyer under your tree.

Starring: Mike Whelan, Erin Levine, Jess Birken, Michael Simon, Jared Correia, Cat Moon, David Kempston, Paul Julius, and Jacob Sanders.

Written, Scored, and Produced for Audio – Jacob Sanders

Ep 136 – Six Steps to a Million Dollar Law Firm

On the show today we’re talking about visualization, success and million dollar mindsets, with lawyer/entrepreneur Wendy Witt, as we explore her “Six Steps to a Million Dollar Law Firm”

NEWS – https://lawsome.info/3fdDKxU
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Ep – 125 “Whelan PI Lawyer: Advertise Another Day”

legal marketing podcast audio drama WhelanFriends, lawyers, marketers, this summer, lend the LAWsome Podcast your ears for another commercial audio drama of epic proportions; “Whelan PI Lawyer: Advertise Another Day”


A lawyer seeking to grow his firm online, makes a journey of marketing self-discovery, and with the help of some friends, uncovers the truth of what it takes to Advertise Another Day.

Starring: Mike Whelan, Johnnie Finch, Casey Erin Clark, Magnus Simonarson, Tanner Jones, Alexandra Rose, and Nicole Whelan

Written, Scored, Produced, and Directed for Audio: Jacob Sanders


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BONUS – ROI: The Musical

The Concept

A time-traveling, genre-spanning, thought-leading comedy musical podcast experience about marketing, sales, and ROI, that’s sure to enchant anyone in business that’s ever asked, “RO-Why are we doing this?

The Details

A musical audio drama, in which, the leadership staff of a fictitious company, after a journey of transformation, discover that investing in marketing the business isn’t about ROI, it’s about RO-Why.

The question business leaders should ask in regards to marketing & ROI is not “what will we get out of marketing,” but “why are we even doing this?”

The Cast

Ryan Wallman as The CEO
Scott Monty as Donaldson Brown
C. Vincent Plummer as the Marketing Director
Casey Clark as Head of Sales
Jeremy Most as The CMO
Paul Julius as Paul Julius
Neon Brown as Jeremy Bentham
and Jacob Sanders

Written, Scored, Directed, and Produced for Audio by Jacob Sanders

FOR MORE INFO + FULL CREDITS GO HERE –> https://posmarketingblog.com/2020/03/24/roi-the-musical/