Ep 100 – Running a Successful Law Firm (and other things)

Ep 100 – Running a Successful Law Firm (and other things)

Why some business books miss the mark, and an on-target discussion with immigration lawyer, advocate, and author, Ruby Powers about her new book, “Build and Manage Your Successful Immigration Law Practice (Without Losing Your Mind)”








Business Books – Useful or Formulaic?

Today’s Hot Take comes to us from the Huffington Post, called “Why Business Books Suck” by Dave Logan. He writes:

“So what’s the problem here? In the form it’s being used, the hero’s journey focuses on personal achievement, not on leading others. The closest the story gets to leadership is being a role model for other heroes. The full problem with the hero’s journey, including a hint of something very important from George Lucas, is explored in a longer piece.

What if you get an entire group of people all trying to be Luke Skywalker (or Neo or Spiderman)? You get a mammoth clashing of egos, all struggling for supremacy and destroying everything around them. In two words, Wall Street. Or management of most major companies.”

Books with advice, how-to, in the business world are hard to get right. It ends up being more about the person writing the book, than about the person reading it. Luck is downplayed – or sidestepped entirely – and it all turns into a feelgood “you-can-do-it” that ends up making people feel empty because the reality is the book is more an autobiography disguised as a business strategy.

Ruby’s book is the exact opposite – she was writing it to the unprepared version of herself, rather than the heroic and complete version….maybe people like stories of personal triumph to make a business book more palatable, but in the end, folks need straight advice.

Running With Ruby

Ruby Powers is the founder and managing attorney of Powers Law Group, which focuses solely on immigration law and just recently celebrated its 10th year.

Her new book “Build and Manage Your Successful Immigration Law Practice (Without Losing Your Mind”) is geared towards immigration attorneys starting out, but as she’s discovered since it’s publishing, many of the concepts in her book relate to established lawyers looking to grow their practice.

Along with all this, Ruby is taking her advocacy to the next level and running for state representative in Texas for District 134 in 2020.  Despite having a dozen different plates spinning at once, Ruby was gracious enough to take a break from her busy schedule to sit down with us today.

Learn more about Ruby HERE

Learn About her Campaign for Texas District 134 HERE

Buy the book “Build and Manage Your Successful Immigration Law Practice (Without Losing Your Mind”)

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