Ep 103- Vanity Numbers and Voice in Legal Marketing

Ep 103- Vanity Numbers and Voice in Legal Marketing

We talk about the role of memory in advertising and then we discuss phone numbers, marketing, and the power of voice with RingBoost President, Paul Faust.








Understanding Memory In Advertising

Today’s Hot Take is from Nielsen.com “Understanding Memory In Advertising,” By David Brandt, EVP, Product Leadership and Ingrid Nieuwenhuis, Director, Neuroscience. It is fascinating, 100% must-read, here’s some of what’s inside:

“Advertisers and those who measure the impact of advertising are obsessed with memory. If advertising is to be successful, it has to stick in the consumer’s memory—or so the saying goes. But what exactly is that thing called memory, how long does it linger, and how do we measure it?

At the first level, memory can be divided into two types: Explicit memory, which refers to information we are aware of (the facts and events we can consciously access), and implicit memory, which refers to information we’re not consciously aware of (it’s stored in our brain and can affect behavior, but we can’t recall it).

Nielsen tested the memorability of 49 video ads immediately after consumers were exposed to them in a clutter reel, and we tested that memorability again the day after exposure (among a separate group of people). Levels of branded recognition had fallen nearly in half overnight. This isn’t just happening in the lab: Nielsen’s in-market tracking data shows similar patterns.”

What does this tell us about measuring memory? First, that time between exposure and measurement matters. The 24 hours mark is ideal because that’s the point where the memory curve starts to flatten. Second, that advertising memories are encoded in context (asking questions about the show in which the ad aired, for instance, is going to help consumers remember that ad). Finally, that memories can endure—either via repetition for explicit types of memories, or via implicit internalization.

To help advertisers in today’s cluttered advertising environment, researchers need to measure memory in all its forms.

“If you can make the path to the client easier, everything clicks.”

Paul Faust is the president of RingBoost the nation’s largest provider of custom phone numbers, and he believes in the power of voice connection to help law firms grow in today’s crowded marketplace.

Paul was inducted into the PILMMA Hall of Fame in 2017, is active in dozens of legal shows a year, has launched several successful businesses, is a volunteer firefighter, and he’s here to set the show ablaze with his thoughts on the reemergence of voice and it’s role in business development for law firms

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