Ep 107 – Law Firms vs Marketing

Ep 107 – Law Firms vs Marketing

We talk ROI, marketing, awareness and advertising with the Emmy award winning Ed Herman of Brown and Crouppen.








What is Return On Investment (ROI)?

Today’s Hot Take is from hbr.org,“A Refresher on Marketing ROI,” by Amy Gallo. It is awesome, and really goes in depth to addresses questions like:

What is ROI?

How do you calculate it?

What mistakes companies make when measuring ROI?

“One of the downsides of marketing ROI is that it is easy to only recognize the incremental profits in short-term sales and underestimate the long-term benefits that marketing brings to brand value.

The key is to remember that while marketing expenditures hit the P&L immediately, every dollar you spend today is building your brand as an asset for the future, Avery explains. So, ideally your marketing program is not only affecting sales and profits this year but also strengthening your brand equity and customer relationships over time.”

Ed Won An Emmy

Ed Herman is the Managing Partner at Brown & Crouppen, a Missouri-based law firm that’s been successfully resolving personal injury cases for clients since 1979. Ed got his JD from Washington University in St. Louis, is a member of every conceivable trial lawyer organization, is an Emmy-Award winning host of Brown & Crouppen’s own YouTube series, and now, he pads his resume further, with his court-ordered appearance on the LAWsome podcast today.

Learn more about Ed Herman HERE.

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