Ep 109 – Fixing Law Schools

Ep 109 – Fixing Law Schools

We discuss innovation & regulations of the legal profession, then we chat with Professor Ben Barton, making his return to the podcast to discuss his new book “Fixing Law Schools








The Legal Profession Isn’t Overregulated It’s Just Badly Regulated

Today’s Hot Take is from Abovethelaw.com,“The Legal Profession Isn’t Overregulated It’s Just Badly Regulated,” by Joe Patrice. He writes:

“Like every other industry, the legal profession has gotten the deregulation bug lately and true to the deregulation story, it’s all about the “widows and orphans” on the wrong side of the access to justice gap. “If only we didn’t have all these regulations on the practice of law, they could get the legal help they need!” It’s a well-meaning argument and there’s no denying that a lower cost alternative is necessary for the growing gap – but but opening up the floodgates is not a particularly attractive solution…”

Jds are expected out of school to know how to run a biz, be a psychologist, do accounting, know computers and much more. Regulations are holding people back – there is no innovation for busy lawyers with huge debt. We find out later that OUTPUT REGULATIONS for law schools, the factories pumping out these hopeless lawyers, is the key – are the prepared? Fix the schools then we can see the fixes?

The Return of The Professor

Professor Ben Barton is the author of the books, “Fixing Law Schools” and “Rebooting Justice.” He’s worked as an associate at a large law firm, a clinical law professor, clerked for a federal judge, and now Professor Barton teaches torts and advocacy evidence at the University of Tennessee.

His scholarship has been discussed in the New York Times, Wall St. Journal, the American Bar Association Journal, and TIME magazine – He’s won several awards including a Fulbright Award.

With several critically-important books and law review articles published worldwide, we are honored to have tracked down Ben and trapped him for a few inspirational minutes on his second appearance on LAWsome.

Learn more about Prof. Ben Barton’s latest book “Fixing Law Schools: From Collapse to the Trump Bump and Beyond” HERE

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