Ep 110 – Legal Tech & Access to Justice

Ep 110 – Legal Tech & Access to Justice

We talk about technology and access to justice, and then we go deeper into the A2J forest with Baobab Connect founder, Guy Stern.








Where Does Technology Fit in Access to Justice?

Today’s Hot Take is from 2civility.org,“Where Does Technology Fit in Access to Justice?” by Mark C. Palmer. He writes:

“Many people don’t seek legal assistance because they simply don’t know that they need legal help. They don’t realize they have a legal problem that has a legal solution. This education gap is where the access to justice issue begins, but isn’t where it should end. Can technology help improve access to justice?”

To us, it seems that 10 years of tech was lawyer focused, but the next ten years should be client focused. If you look at what CLIO is doing as an example, client portal and all-in-one firm management solutions are where the focus is. But on the flipside, according to bar survey adoption rates – it ain’t there. Yet.

Equitable Service Across Demographics

Guy Stern is the CEO of Baobab Connect, a decentralized legal case management platform for lawyers and paralegals in South Africa, that provides legal aid and access to justice projects, a set of tools to track cases, manage teams, and measure impact at scale.

Guy got his bachelor of computer science degree from the university of Cape Town, has been CEO and founder of several other successful ventures in the legal tech space, and now, brings his full suite stack of skills to the LAWsome podcast.

Learn more about Guy Stern and Baobab Law HERE.

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