Ep 111 – Getting Paid is The Job

Ep 111 – Getting Paid is The Job

We’re talking about getting paid – first with an article by Jared Correia in Attorney at Work, and then we talk to Marco Brown about his CLE presentation “Getting Paid: Your #1 Job”








Shake Your Moneymaker

Today’s Hot Take is from AttorneyatWork.com,“Shake Your Moneymaker: Get Paid in 2017,” by Jared Correia. He writes:

“Lawyers and money do not go together like peas and carrots. Actually, let me rephrase that: Lawyers and talking about money do not go together like peas and carrots. Lawyers and managing money do not go together like peas and carrots. And lawyers and setting competitive market rates do not go together like peas and carrots.
Lawyers and making money, however? Yeah, that goes together like peas and carrots. Lawyers, like every group of business professionals, want to make money. It is the antecedents for doing so, however, that get in the way. Peas, meet … Brussel sprouts.”

What you can do – or should do if you’re looking to avoid problems – is:
– Discuss Money Upfront
– Rehab your Rates
– Adopt Electronic Payment
– Understand overhead vs revenue
– Make efforts towards collections

It’s trust that creates these gaps in accountability – we trust that things will be handled, but we don’t do anything actively to ensure that the trust comes true…?

“Decide to be worth the work you do. If you don’t collect on it, it won’t matter.”

Marco Brown is the managing partner at Brown Law, a family law firm in Utah – He got his JD from the University of Nebraska School of Law, has been lauded and recognized as Utah’s Outstanding Family Lawyer of the Year, sits on all of the bars, and is distinguished beyond distinction. After all this high flying success, we are lucky enough Marco has decided to land his plane on the LAWsome airfields today.

Learn more about Marco HERE

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