Ep 112 – Vocal Training for Lawyers

Ep 112 – Vocal Training for Lawyers

We’re talking about public speaking and the power of speech, then we sit down with Casey Clark and Julie Fogh, to learn how lawyers can embrace their voice, and become more effective communicators.








“Good Communication Is Never Perfect, And Nobody Expects You To Be Perfect.”

Today’s Hot Take is from Harvard.edu,“10 Tips for Improving Your Public Speaking Skills,” by Marjorie North. This is part one of a two parter, and we recommend reading both, but because this has an enumerated list we decided to go with this one. The ten tips are:

1. Nervousness Is Normal. Practice and Prepare!
2. Know Your Audience. Your Speech Is About Them, Not You.
3. Organize Your Material in the Most Effective Manner to Attain Your Purpose.
4. Watch for Feedback and Adapt to It.
5. Let Your Personality Come Through.
6. Use Humor, Tell Stories, and Use Effective Language.
7. Don’t Read Unless You Have to. Work from an Outline.
8. Use Your Voice and Hands Effectively. Omit Nervous Gestures.
9. Grab Attention at the Beginning, and Close with a Dynamic End.
10. Use Audiovisual Aids Wisely.

Remember – “…practice does not make perfect. Good communication is never perfect, and nobody expects you to be perfect. But that is not an excuse to skip the preparation.”

Everything Is A Conversation

Dubbed “the public speaking Goddesses” Casey Clark and Julie Fog are both co-founders of Vital Voice Training, a vocal consulting agency focused on changing the world by teaching a deeper understanding of what effective communication looks like.

Casey and Julie are both conservatory trained actors, with thousands of hours of vocal coaching experience, working with everyone from industry executives in a boardroom in Finland, to acting students in a classroom in Harrison, New York.

After a wonderful exchange on Twitter about vocal fry in female lawyers – we linked our ambitions to bring you this amazing interview.

Learn more about Casey, Julie and Vital Voice Training HERE

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