Ep 113 – Content That Converts for Law Firms

Ep 113 – Content That Converts for Law Firms

We’re talking about content – what it is and why you should do it, and then we go in-depth about content & marketing, with attorney and founder of Davis Legal Media, Alex Davis!








Should Law Firms Be Using Content Marketing?

There are 2 articles in today’s Hot Take – “Yes, Blogging is Worth Your Time. Here’s Why.” by Alexandra Davis, and “Why Content Marketing Is the Best Long-Term Marketing Strategy” by Jayson DeMers. Both are excellent, and in depth, but we made a quick list to cover the content marketing hot spots:

Owned media VS Shared
Always room for GOOD stuff
Good things only grow with time
It attracts new traffic
It builds your reputation
It encourages trust and faith in your brand
It can influence conversions
It can make you a separate stream of revenue
Evergreen content lasts forever

“Without a Story, How Do You Stand Out?”

Alex Davis is an attorney, and the Founder of Davis Legal Media, a content marketing agency crafting and delivering attorney-written thought leadership pieces in the form of client-facing blog posts, website content, and by lined articles.

Alex has a Bachelors in English, got her JD from the Campbell School of Law, her writing has been featured in the National Jurist, ABA Journal, Above The Law, and now she makes a special appearance on the LAWsome podcast

Learn more about Alex Davis and Davis Legal Media HERE

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