Ep 115 – Tracking Calls at Your Law Firm

Ep 115 – Tracking Calls at Your Law Firm

We talk measuring ROI & call tracking, first with an article from Attorney at Work, and then we chat with Director of Sales at Call Tracking Metrics, Meghan Hodge.








Learn the True Story Behind Your Marketing Efforts

Today’s Hot Take is from AttorneyAtWork.com, “Call Tracking and Live Chat: Two Ways to Measure ROI and Boost Leads on a Budget,” by Mike Ramsey. He writes:

” ‘Isn’t it good enough that we ask our clients how they heard about us?’ I hear some form of that question a lot. Or lawyers will say, ‘I know when business is good because I talk to all the clients.’ But that alone won’t give you the true story behind your marketing ROI. Without some technology tools to help pinpoint where business is coming from, or to track which marketing efforts are working well, you’re fighting blind.”

Helping Clients Track Leads and Measure ROI

Meghan Hodge is the director of Sales at Call Tracking Metrics, an attribution software platform that specializes in call tracking and marketing analytics. Meghan joined the Call Tracking Metrics team with over 17 years experience in marketing and e-commerce. With this background in marketing, B2B, and B2C, it’s only natural that Megan put her stellar rise to the top on hold, to chat with us on the LAWsome podcast.

Learn more about Meghan Hodge and CallTrackingMetrics HERE

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