Ep 117 Legal Project Management With A Purpose

Ep 117 Legal Project Management With A Purpose

We are talking project management with the Agile Attorney himself, John Grant about lean, Sigma, Kanban, legal tech, marketing, management, and what it all means for the busy lawyer of today.








Solving for the Needs of Legal Clients

Today’s Hot Take is from TheAgileAttorney.com,“Capturing Your Practice’s Purpose,” by John Grant. He writes:

“Capturing an authentic, purpose-driven mission statement can have surprising benefits for your entire law practice or law firm. While most people think of a mission as something you do for marketing, studies have shown that purpose-oriented organizations outperform the competition when it comes to engaging customers and employees alike.”

Strat with the why – why did you go to law school, why did you choose one practice area of another, why are you in business? Money can be a reason, but you will find that there are other reasons, perhaps deeper and more fulfilling than just earning a couple more dollars.

Most mission statements or “core values” are well intentioned but ultimately misguided. They contain statements and platitudes that management likes to hear about themselves, or would like to think that clients envision about them.

Your mission and values needs to connect with a clients needs – the stories have to synch up. The only way to make that happen is to listen to their stories, be aware of what people say about you and what they think of your firm, and craft your mission statement with that as a starting point.

Authentic Words, Authentic Outcomes

John Grant is a fourth generation lawyer and the Founder of Agile Attorney, a law firm management consulting agency, working with legal professionals in leadership roles to improve the capacity and productivity of their teams, develop metrics-based strategies that improve outcomes, and build scalable and resilient organizations. We discovered John through Jess Birken and the magic of the Internet and now, we bring that magic to you.

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