Ep 119 – The Case for Law Firm Culture

Ep 119 – The Case for Law Firm Culture

On the show today we talk about millennials and law firm culture with an article from Law.com, and then we go deep on culture with lawyer, marketer & author, Eric Farber.








5 Challenges Millennials Pose to Law Firm Culture

Today’s Hot Take is from Law.com, “5 Challenges Millennials Pose to Law Firm Culture” by Frank Ready:

1 – Communication – Social media to connect with clients while the non-Millennials prefer to send paper airplanes? “It’s a real struggle in the organization between the partners that use social media and those that don’t”

2 – Culture – Millennials are going to question the culture BEYOND just the billable hours expected. It’s not just a performance metric.

3 – Collaboration – Open work spaces? Millennials all want to be collaborative? Maybe this is more like Slack, or project management software where everyone has eyes on a case.

4 – Incentives – Beyond just salary, is there a way to help pay off law school debt for new partners?

5 – REMOTE – Millennials all want to balance work and life and require and desire a chance to work remotely.

While this article was written with millennials in mind, all of this stuff is relevant more than ever right now – remote working, networks and social media – it’s more important than eer to be sure you are meeting the needs of both clients and staff in this ever changing and rapidly moving environment.

Start With a Mission

As the CEO and chief legal officer of Pacific Workers’ Compensation Law Center, Eric Farber is on a mission to change how law firms operate by showing lawyers the value of putting culture first. In his new book, The Case for Culture , Eric gives lawyers the wisdom and tools they need to transform themselves and their culture for the better.

Learn more about Eric Farber HERE

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