Ep 120 – Legal Reform, Fraud, & Future Law

Ep 120 – Legal Reform, Fraud, & Future Law

We’re talking about fraud, judicial reform, and reimagining law firm management of the future with Etan Mark of Mark Migdal & Hayden.








We Need to Buy Time for the Justice System

Today’s Hot Take is from the Law21Blog, “Pandemic III: Justice reconstructed
April 2, 2020″ by Jordan Furlong. He writes:

“I ended the previous post in this series by contending that while we need to do what we can to keep the old justice system in one piece for as long as we can, our primary goal should be to build new, safer, better quarters for our justice institutions and move everyone there after the crisis.
So how do we begin that process? Where is that safer location, and how do we get there?

1 – Study Successful Triages – Rent letter creator, immigration support, all with tech – but which ones will end up serving the clientele AFTER this, is important.

2 – Design for People – focuses in on civil dispute, online tools in Canada – very promising

3 – Create online legal consumer hub – How does justice get served, how does it get explained? What I’m thinking of here is a website that does what lawyers and judges and courts have not managed to do — bring people into the legal system accessibly, and show them how to get the answers and outcomes they need easily and at no cost.

We need to buy time for the justice system to stagger through this crisis as best it can — but before it’s all over, we need to ensure that the construction of new institutions, and the evacuation of people from the old ones, is at least well underway.

We need a new justice system. We’ve known that for a long time. We need to make this new one fit for the century we live in, not the century that ended 20 years ago — or, more accurately, three weeks ago.”

“You Have To Become Indisponible, Digging Into the Mundane, Embracing the Work.”

Etan Mark is an attorney at Mark, Migdal & Hayden, and began his legal career working as a business and securities litigator at a top 10 American Lawyer “Big Law” firm in New York. Since leaving New York for higher sea levels, Etan became a devotee of the value proposition sometimes offered by “Not Big Law” – efficiency, service and quality. He’s been a clerk, a CEO, a shark, and now an esteemed guest of the LAWsome podcast.

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