Ep 121 – The Wealthy Woman Lawyer

Ep 121 – The Wealthy Woman Lawyer

We’re talking about leadership, gender, and the practice of law, with Davina Frederick from Wealthy Woman Lawyer.








Just Do One Thing Right Now

Today’s Hot Take is from JDSupra.com,“4 Business Development Truths for Women Lawyers,” by Jill Huse. In it she writes:
“We all know there are currently more women than men in law school and more women than men in associate ranks. Those numbers have still not translated (yet) to partnership and leadership levels within law firms. Men still dominate both.

Power and influence in law firms are determined by marketing prowess. You can generally make partner based on merit, but equity partnership and leadership are influenced by your personal book of business. To reach those heights, you need one.

So, if business development is the key to seeing more women in equity partnership and leadership, what do women lawyers need to know?”
The list of  of 4 is:

1. There are gender differences in business development.
2. To see an increase in origination numbers, you must devote at least a half hour per day to business development.
3. You already possess the skills necessary to become capable at selling.
4. Just do one thing right now.

Our favorite is #3, and she explains:

“Additionally, women lawyers generally focus on service and client experience more than just the resulting outcome, and that mindset leads to greater client loyalty. The value women attach to the relationship itself, rather than just the transaction, equates to a more holistic approach and experience. ”
This is at the core of brand marketing – client experience – and we wholeheartedly agree.

“Always Focus On the Strategy, Never Start on the Tactical Level.”

Davina Frederick, Esq. is a Florida-licensed attorney, business growth strategist and marketing consultant who, through her company D. Frederick Media and Marketing & The Wealthy Woman Lawyer, works with legal, medical and health professionals, coaches, agents, and consultants to help them transform from Solos to CEOs of their own thriving, high-revenue-generating firms.

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