Ep 122 – Covering Your Law Firm’s Assets

Ep 122 – Covering Your Law Firm’s Assets

We’re talking about covering your assets, content marketing, grit, guts, and grace, with Lin Eleoff.








Is Your Marketing Breaking The Law?

Today’s Hot Take is from neilpatel.com,“How to NOT Break the Law While Marketing,” by Adria Saracino.

She writes:

“The internet is a great force for democracy, industry, the spread of information, and free speech. It’s also a breeding ground for plagiarism, copyright infringement, and libel.
Add into the mix a very slow-moving government that not so long ago was calling the internet a “series of tubes,” and it’s difficult to grasp just what the law is, to predict what it will be in the near future, and to avoid stepping over legal lines. Altogether this makes for a challenging online marketing environment, one in which it’s hard to know when you’re being savvy and innovative and when you’re about to be slapped with a major fine (or worse).”

Thi is a good article, and it covers many areas that marketers and social media managers approach as gray areas or where the rules are blurred, when in fact they are anything but. Copyright fair use is not always as simple as following the rules on the site that manages the distribution. Marketers may be breaking terms of use – even when purchasing and reusing something legally or drawing from a public site, copyright holders can enforce stringent guidelines in their terms of use. For example, Shutterstock has terms outside the photos themselves.

Using social media mentions as promotions, CAN-Spamm Act violation, GDPR –  what’s the real takeaway here?  To us, it means that online marketing is complicated for marketers, users, the government, and lawyers alike. In many ways, that murkiness is a good thing, allowing marketers to push the envelope as the rest of the world tries to catch up with these rapid technological advances.

However, a lack of clarity can hurt marketers when a judge interprets a law or usage in a different manner. As articulated here, there are many ways to get creative while staying safe. And if you want to go further? Well, the choice (and the risk) is up to you.

“Background Propels Forward Motion.”

Lin Eleoff is a life coach, online entrepreneur, and an internet business lawyer whose mission is to show business owners like us how to cover our “assets” online, without having to spend a lot of money on legal fees!

She is the founder of CoverYourAssetsOnline.com, offering a Do-It-Yourself Legal Toolkit so that entrepreneurs can protect not only their business assets but their homes, cars and investment. We may think it could never happen to us, but as she says “the smaller the business the bigger the risk.”

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