Ep 123 – The Legal Gig Economy

Ep 123 – The Legal Gig Economy

We’re talking about outsourcing and freelancing for lawyers, with lawyer and LawClerk co-founder, Kristin Tyler.








Is The Gig Economy Set To Disrupt The Legal Profession?

Today’s Hot Take is from one of our favorite sources Forbes.com,“Is The Gig Economy Set To Disrupt The Legal Profession?” by Adi Gaskell. He writes:

” If you think of the gig economy, the chances are you think of the likes of Uber and Lyft, Deliveroo and Mechanical Turk. Platforms offering relatively low skilled work with minimal job security and many of the bad things that have come to characterize the gig economy.”

Maybe the article was taking a skewed view of the gig economy, because when discussing professional services platforms for lawyers and law firms it goes on to say this:

“The study revealed that nearly all of the lawyers on the platforms were individual rather than corporate lawyers, with participants tending to fall into one of two groups: entry-level lawyers who lack the experience and contacts to find work in more traditional means, and lawyers operating in less developed parts of the country where there was not sufficient demand for legal services. In other words, they’re professionals who were struggling to find sufficient work at the lower end of the legal market.”

All we can say is this is just not that case – in fact, it’s the opposite. There are highly qualified, experienced “gigging” lawyers doing just fine, and there are plenty of smaller firms who are outsourcing work to provide seamless experiences for clients.

Secret Weapon

LawClerk Co-Founder Kristin Tyler has been practicing law for more than 10 years.

As a partner of a mid-size law firm in Las Vegas, she understands the challenges that her fellow attorneys face in today’s rapidly evolving legal industry and is committed to demonstrating that being a lawyer doesn’t have to mean working insane hours and missing out on time doing the things you enjoy with the people you love.

As one of the people that loves her, we’re honored to share some time with Kristin on the show today!

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