Ep 126 – Digital Marketing & ROI for Law Firms

Ep 126 – Digital Marketing & ROI for Law Firms

On the show today we’re talking digital marketing and ROI – first with an article from Consultwebs, and then we talk to Jarod Spiewak, of Blue Dog Media.

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Measuring Marketing ROI in Your Law Firm

Today’s Hot Take is from Consultwebs,“Measuring Marketing ROI in Your Law Firm,” by Jake Sanders. He writes:

“Marketing and advertising for law firms is expensive, but how many law firms are tracking their return on investment, or ROI? How many law firms are making marketing decisions based on “their feelings” rather than the numbers? How many lawyers are interested to find out if they are running a law firm that makes profit, or a sinking ship that happens to also do legal work?

I wish the figures were different, but according to our own research, almost 60% of law firms do not track marketing ROI!”

That’s why it’s nice to have a dependable legal marketing agency you can trust when it comes to getting more cases from the Web, and tracking the effectiveness of your efforts through ROI.
Calculating the return on your marketing investment is not a simple process, and it’s only valuable if you consistently monitor and adjust your strategy accordingly.

The Marketing Lead Dog

Jarod Spiewak is Founder and Lead Strategist at Blue Dog Media, a digital marketing agency that helps service-businesses make money and generate revenue through online marketing strategy and execution. Jarod works with law firms to study their marketplace, unique advantages & disadvantages, and competition in order to create a custom strategy that’s designed to generate an ROI and meet goals.

Learn more about Jarod Spiewak and Blue Dog Media HERE

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