Ep 128 – Purpose, Pivots, and Legal Marketing

Ep 128 – Purpose, Pivots, and Legal Marketing

We’re talking about making the change to remote operations, adjusting advertising and social media strategies, and how to be a good leader in times of transition, with lawyer/marketer/good guy, Alan Cleveland.








Real-life Examples of Law Firms Focusing Their Marketing During COVID-19

Today’s Hot Take is from Consultwebs.com,“How Law Firms Are Marketing During COVID,” by Jacob Sanders. He writes:

“As the story of COVID continues to unfold, and certainties and social behaviors fluctuate, law firm marketers are faced with many challenges, one of which is striking the right tone with their marketing, advertising, messaging and PR.

There are, in fact, several ways law firms can market their practices in ways that positively impact the community and serve as a reminder of the firm in a tumultuous time.

In this article, we feature real-life examples of law firms focusing their legal marketing during COVID on three themes, all related to Community; In The Real World, Online Connections, and Content Marketing.”

It’s a great article with in-depth details and examples, and we would say it serves as an excellent guide not only for current situations but how to think and act with your marketing beyond simply buying a billboard or throwing a coupe  more bucks at Youtube.

“If You Don’t Take Care of  Your Talent, Someone Else Will”

Alan Cleveland is a founding partner at Adamson Cleveland, a Georgia personal injury law firm. He got his JD from the John Marshall Law School, He’s worked in-house, in sports marketing, and now he’s in our house, talking about law firm management and legal marketing.

““I like helping people get what they think is fair compensation and help them get their lives back together,” he says. “They suffer injuries, their lives turn into chaos, they don’t have anywhere to turn, and they need a champion who can guide them through a difficult situation. These cases need special care and attention, and that’s what we do. With myself and Kevin, you get good guys who are great lawyers with a personal touch.”

Learn more about Alan Cleveland HERE

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