Ep 130 – Lessons Learned on The Run

Ep 130 – Lessons Learned on The Run

We’re talking creativity, developing ideas, and lessons learned on the run by author, lawyer, and runner David Kempston.








Working Memory Positively Associated With Higher Physical Endurance, Better Cognitive Function

Today’s Hot Take is from ScienceDaily.com,“Working Memory Positively Associated With Higher Physical Endurance, Better Cognitive Function,” by Mount Sinai School of Medicine. It states:

“Mount Sinai researchers have found a positive relationship between the brain network associated with working memory — the ability to store and process information relevant to the task at hand — and healthy traits such as higher physical endurance and better cognitive function.

These traits were associated with greater cohesiveness of the working memory brain network while traits indicating suboptimal cardiovascular and metabolic health, and suboptimal health habits including binge drinking and regular smoking, were associated with less cohesive working memory networks.”

“If You Don’t Move It You Lose It.”

David Kempston has been running for over 40 years. A trial lawyer who loves to learn, this middle-of-the-pack runner has run with five different generations. Along the way, he’s logged countless miles and learned that running is a great metaphor for life. His new book “Lessons Learned On the Run” distills his thoughts on running, and life, and Whether you’re a runner a lawyer, or neither, these stories will make you laugh, learn, and reflect.

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