Ep 133 – Content Marketing for Family Law Firms

Ep 133 – Content Marketing for Family Law Firms

We talk to lawyer & founder of New Beginnings Family Law, Amber James, about understanding your audience, developing an effective brand message, and making the most out of content.








Audience Research for Effective Content Marketing

Today’s Hot Take is from MarketingLand.com,“How To Do Audience Research that Focuses Your Content Marketing,” by Harriet Cummings. She writes:

“It’s Sunday afternoon. You’ve popped around to see your gran, and she’s asking after your health.
“Well, Gran,” you answer, “this weekend I got totally wasted and fell asleep in a trash can.”
An unlikely response? I’m guessing it is for most people. That’s because, in real life, we tailor what we say to the person standing in front of us. However, when we’re speaking to an online audience, how do we do that? How do we know the person reading our copy isn’t horrified, offended or (possibly worse) bored?”

Our take here is BEFORE YOU BEGIN – find out the answers to questions like where your audience hangs out, what’s their biggest problem, what sort of content or article would they enjoy?
So how do you find those answers? Exit/post settlement interviews is one way, and we would recommend NOT having an attorney conduct them. You can also use social media to gauge interest and topics. Last is internal sources of data – client FAQs, staff recurring problems, etc.

Bottom line – do you research and make sure you are writing an article for a specific audience that addresses a specific topic of interest TO THAT AUDIENCE.

“Be yourself – no one else should determine your marketing.”

Amber James is CEO, and founder of New Beginnings Family Law, a family law firm in Huntsville Alabama.In addition to being an attorney, she holds a degree in music AND an MBA and has made stops as a Birmingham School of Law Adjunct Professor, a private-school music teacher, a high school band director, and court clerk on her path to founding her own firm and we are grateful she could make a stop here with us today.

Learn more about Amber James and New Beginnings Family Law HERE

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