Ep 134 – Leadership & Empowerment in the Law Firm

Ep 134 – Leadership & Empowerment in the Law Firm

We’re talking about leadership, ownership and empowerment, with entrepreneur, leadership development expert, Keynote Speaker, & Best-Selling Author, Peter Montoya.








Inspire Your Team To Take Ownership

Today’s Hot Take is from the greatest site on the internet Inc.com,“6 Disciplines of Leadership That Inspires Ownership,” by Gene Hammett. He writes:

“Ownership is the feeling of owning the results. When employees feel ownership for what they are doing, they go beyond just taking responsibility. They bring innovation to the job. They don’t turn off their brains at 5 o’clock. With big growth goals, how do you motivate employees to take OWNERSHIP of those goals?

Leaders told me to spark that sense of ownership, they tried the following six practices.
1. They create a one-of-a-kind brand
2. They include people from all levels when crafting vision
3. They embrace radical transparency
4. They empower others to take risks
5. They understand employees’ personal goals
6. They allow employees to be brand ambassadors”

These are all good starting points in our opinion, but there is one missing item on the list. If you truly want employee buy-in, innovation, growth mindset and all those other aspirational terms, item number 7 on the list would be “compensation.” That is literal “buy-in” and without it you will be hard pressed to have anyone share the same dedication to goals as ownership. Look at it this way – if the company fails, they find other jobs, but you are out of business, so if you really want employees to take ownership, put your money where your mouth is.

“Power is the ability to achieve intended results.”

There are gifted speakers, there are best-selling authors, and there are successful entrepreneurs… but rarely do you find all three in one person. Peter Montoya is that rare exception – a thought leader, skilled orator, powerful coach, and seasoned entrepreneur, Peter has traveled the globe, educating thousands and revolutionizing how organizations develop high-performance teams, and now he brings the heat to the LAWsome Podcast.

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