Ep 137 – Law Firm Tech, eDiscovery, and Data Privacy

Ep 137 – Law Firm Tech, eDiscovery, and Data Privacy

We’re talking data security, privacy, and innovation in the law firm, first with an article from the JDL Group, and then we chat with Leigh Vickery from Level2Legal Solutions.








Law Firms Have A Target On Their Backs When It Comes To Cyberattacks

Today’s Hot Take comes to us from the JDL Group,”5 Ways Law Firms Can Protect Their Sensitive Client Data.” The five points are:

Employee Training
Guard Resources
Optimize Data Storage
Have A Response Plan
Hire An MSSP – Managed Security Services Provider

“You need to protect your firm’s reputation and your clients’ information – your business is built on data from clients, contracts, and cases.

If you think your law firm is too small to be targeted, think again. For law firms of every size, cybersecurity will be a continuing challenge. Hackers are now targeting small to medium-sized law firms instead of large organizations because smaller firms are often seen as the weaker link. Although small to medium-sized firms have fewer resources to put towards a cyber-security program, they have the same cyber-security challenges and threats as the larger firms.”

“Folks Don’t Just Want A Checkbox – You Need To Be Thinking Holistically Across The Law Firm.”

Leigh Vickery is chief strategy and innovation officer at Level 2 Legal Solutions – a national eDiscovery platform and legal outsourcing company, based out of Texas. A graduate of Baylor University in English and psychology, Leigh continued her English studies in graduate school at Rice University. She also matriculated through Seth Godin’s altMBA program, earning the class’s highest honor for most outstanding body of work, the Frances Perkins Award.

Learn more about Leigh Vickery and Level 2 Legal Solutions HERE.

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