Ep 138 – Law Firm Management Mastery

Ep 138 – Law Firm Management Mastery

We’re talking about leadership and management in law firms, first with an article from AboveTheLaw and then we talk to entrepreneur and coach, Kris Plachy, about how to improve your management systems, set expectations and goals with your law firm staff.








Why Exactly Do These Firms Stick With A Managing Partner Model?

Today’s Hot Take comes to us from the mighty AboveTheLaw,“Lawyers Aren’t Necessarily Good Managers… So Why Do We Let Them Manage Firms?” by Joe Patrice. He writes:

“It’s simply bonkers for an efficiency-minded company to have a CEO with a divided attention, and yet that’s what most elite law firms do every day. But worse than dividing loyalties is the risk of the infamous Peter Principle, that everyone is promoted to the level of their own incompetence. The world’s greatest rainmaker doesn’t necessarily make the best at balancing office supply budgets, and yet firms assign the latter tasks on the basis of skill at the former.”

We hear words like “manager” and “leader” all the time, and there have been many articles and books on the differences between them, how to be better at them, etc. We’ve said it ourselves, it’s difficult to run the shop and work in the shop at the same time, but here we are again.

You don’t have to be everything. It might be your name on the letterhead, but that doesn’t mean it’s in your best interest to to have a hand in the daily operation of  your firm – which is what you have to do to be a manager. You are the owner and the leader and there’s nothing wrong at all with delegating, but in order to do so you have to give up some control, which is where most business owners struggle.

“You Have To Go Through The Ring of Fire of Management”

Through her over twenty-five years of leading and managing and now over eight years leading her own business, Kris Plachy has culminated her work into management practices applied by leaders all over the world. Together with her team, Kris combines business acumen, exceptional coaching skill, and sound, relevant and immediately applicable practices that literally change how much women both lead and love their businesses.

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