Ep 139 – Fireproof Marketing Advice for Law Firms

Ep 139 – Fireproof Marketing Advice for Law Firms

We’re talking about branding, marketing, and advertising for lawyers with an article from Consultwebs, and then we interview master legal marketer, attorney and author of “Fireproof: A Five-Step Model to Take Your Law Firm from Unpredictable to Wildly Profitable,” Mike Morse.








Effective Law Firm Advertising Needs To Do Three Things

Today’s Hot Take is from Consultwebs.com,“Will Marketing and Advertising Cheapen My Law Firm?” by Jacob Sanders: “It’s a question that mostly goes unasked, but not unrecognized, by lawyers and law firms entering into marketing or advertising partnerships.

1 – Get Noticed

2 – Build Memorability

3 – Drive Action/Outcome

Take the hammers, eagles, and pirates or leave them, the main point stands: Consistent advertising and branded marketing does not cheapen a law firm. It enriches and expands a firm’s book of business.

These lawyers are confident in these branded choices and have committed their advertising strategies to be inclusive of memorable concepts at every marketable opportunity.”

“Data Is A Smoke Detector”

Mike Morse is the founder of Mike Morse Law Firm, the largest personal injury law firm in Michigan. Since its foundation in 1995, Mike Morse Law Firm has grown to 150 employees, served 25,000 clients, and collected more than $1 billion. A household name in Michigan, and Author of “Fireproof: A Five-Step Model to Take Your Law Firm from Unpredictable to Wildly Profitable.”

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