Ep 140 – Data Driven Decisions in the COVID Legal Marketplace

Ep 140 – Data Driven Decisions in the COVID Legal Marketplace

Today on the show we’re talking about data driven decisions in the COVID 19 legal marketplace, first with LexisNexis Director of Strategy for Solos & Smalls, Parker Bedsole!








5 Steps to a Data-Driven Legal Practice

Today’s Hot Take is from LegalExecutiveInstitute.com,“5 Steps to a Data-Driven Legal Practice” by
David Curle. He writes:

“Lawyers, like other professionals, work with a staggering amount of data. Much of that data, however, is not currently exploited to help support legal professionals’ legal decisions, client advice, or business strategies such as pricing. “

The 5 steps are:

  • Walk before you run and start with the low-hanging fruit
  • Identify and organize your data
  • Clean up your data
  • Collaborate with those who know data well
  • Build a data-driven culture in your organization

The first step in making data-based decisions is to identify a problem, so while all this is good, be sure you are collecting and analyzing data for a purpose – such as practice area pivots or personnel decisions.

“There Are Opportunities Out There And Resources Available”

Parker Bedsole is the Director of Strategy for LexisNexis’s small and specialized law firm business segment. Parker is an economist by training with a background in management consulting, and has worked with McKinsey+, Deloitte, is a startup founder and rabid Georgia Bulldog, but he’s putting it all on pause for a few to join us here today.

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