Ep 141 – Making Good Decisions in Bad Times

Ep 141 – Making Good Decisions in Bad Times

Today we’re talking about making good decisions in bad times with science, first with an article from Kabiri Consulting, and then we talk to decision scientist, Dr. Nika Kabiri!








“You Don’t Make Better Decisions By Perseverating”

Today’s Hot Take is from KabiriConsulting.com,“5 things you can do to make better decisions (from someone who is tired of “5 things” lists),” by Dr. Nika Kabiri. She writes:

“My expertise is needed because none of our decisions are 100% in our control. It’s scary but true. Our biases force us to ignore pertinent information. Our mental short-cuts cause us to inaccurately calculate the likelihood of outcomes. Our emotions force us to be impulsive. Our peers push us to conform. We can’t help it.

And it’s not our fault. Because we’re human, our decision-making is peppered with glitches.”

This is a great article with excellent, practical advice broken down into 5 key points:

“Each of these tips alone can make an impact, so if you choose only one and commit, you’ll be on a better path. Bottom line: you don’t make better decisions by perseverating. You do it by understanding how decision-making can go wrong and then correcting for it. Sometimes it’s as easy as setting your decision aside, getting some good sleep, talking to someone you haven’t talked to for a while, and asking them – and yourself – the right questions.”

“Inward focus isn’t always going to work against biases.”

Dr. Nika Kabiri has spent over two decades studying how people make decisions in a variety of contexts, including society, business, and politics. She received her PhD and Masters in Sociology at the University of Washington, a JD from the University of Texas School of Law, has led research projects for clients in the non-profit, retail, tech, and legal sectors, including directoral stops at Avvo and Ipsos, a market research company.

Now, Nika brings her unique combination of market research expertise, consumer behavior insights and rigorous academic training to Kabiri Consulting, which helps businesses effectively influence consumer behavior and make better decisions on their own – we are very grateful she could find the time to join us today.

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