Ep 142 – Sailing the Seas of IP for Law Firms

Ep 142 – Sailing the Seas of IP for Law Firms

On the show today we’re simplifying complex IP, copyright and patent matters so you can protect your stuff and not get sued for using someone else’s stuff, with IP lawyer, and children’s book author Becki Lee.








Choose the “One Thing” They Should Understand

Today’s Hot Take comes to us from Inc.Com,“How to Make Complex Ideas Easy to Understand for Everyone,” by Matt Eventoff. He writes:

“…you’re going to have to learn how to get people on board with your work when you’re looking for a cut of the company’s budget, meeting with someone from a completely different field, or pitching an idea to a client.”

He has 4 key points, and this pretty much summarizes an excellent article:

1. Get to Know Your Audience

2. Choose the “One Thing” They Should Understand

3. Give Context and Use Examples

4. Watch Your Language

“When You’re Using Someone Else’s Content, That’s When It Gets Tricky.”

After 10 years in the music industry, including 4 as a business owner, Becki Lee transitioned to law so she could play an active role in solving the problems that were constantly affecting her clients. Primarily practicing copyright and trademark law, handling disputes, applications/registrations, and transactions related to intellectual property, Becki is also a mom to two rambunctious kiddos, and in her spare time, hikes very small mountains, plays percussion, and watches pirate movies.

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