Ep 144 – Law Firm Management and The Cloud

Ep 144 – Law Firm Management and The Cloud

Today on the show, we’re talking with the Chief Information Officer at Lexicon, Brad Paubel, about law firm management, cloud storage, and how culture is central to data security.








5 Reasons Why Most Firms Will be Predominantly Cloud-based

Today’s Hot Take is from Aderant.com,”The Great Law Firm Cloud Migration: In the Next Five Years, Most Law Firms Will be Using Someone Else’s Servers even for Critical Systems.” It states:

“There are just too many benefits of moving to the cloud for law firms to ignore it. Those benefits range from the conversion of hefty capital expenditures to predictable operating costs – to business continuity and disaster recovery – to the efficacy of access from anywhere and at any time.

These benefits, of course, are not new, and the question that remains is: Why will it be different this time?”
The five reasons they go on to note are:

1) Most clients work for businesses that rely on the cloud.

2) Clients want improved collaboration with their firms.

3) Many law firms are already using the cloud.

4) The cloud is catching up with on-prem features and functions.

5) Single tenancy: public versus private cloud.

Matter Management for When Matters Matter

As Chief Information Officer of Lexicon, Brad Paubel oversees operations within Lexicon’s IT infrastructure, services, project management, and development organizations.

Mr. Paubel is an Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) expert with over 20 years of experience working in IT operations. He has a proven track record of developing service offerings while reducing costs through strategic team development and culture transformation. And after escaping The Matrix, he’s here on LAWsome today to tell us the truth about law firm data, digital security, and destiny.

Learn more about Brad Paubel and Lexicon HERE

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