Bonus Episode – SEO for Lawyers

Bonus Episode – SEO for Lawyers

On the show today we’re talking about Search Engine Optimization – that’s SEO to you hipsters – with Grant Brott, the Director of Production SEO, at Consultwebs, about what works, what doesn’t, and what’s going to be important in the very near future.

Why Isn’t My Law Firm SEO Strategy Working?

Today’s Hot Take is from,”Paying for Law Firm SEO and Not Seeing Results?” by Jacob Sanders. He writes:

“With every Google Update, every piece of content, every link, every performance metric associated with your law firm’s web property, there is the potential for success and failure.

Unfortunately, but not unexpectedly, SEO can have a varying degree of success with businesses that choose to invest in search engine marketing.

Sometimes, a law firm paying for SEO is invested in moving up the search results, but they aren’t seeing the traffic, or the investments, converting into cases.

WHAT COULD BE THE PROBLEM? Since we’ve been working with law firms exclusively since 1999, we have collected a ton of experience around SEO, and we’ve discovered eight factors that can impact a law firm’s rankings and performance on the search engines.

Here, our in-house SEO technical experts, Joel Morrison and Grant Brott, explain these eight common factors negatively impacting law firm SEO:

  • Budget is off
  • Competition
  • Past SEO work
  • Weak Brand
  • Technical Roadblocks
  • Weak Local Signals
  • Backlinks

There are a million shades of SEO techniques to get a site to the top, ranging from standard white hat to spammy black hat. However, the true benefit of search marketing is typically enjoyed by law firm marketers with a balanced understanding of long-term and short-term strategy, and the strongest command of their brand.”

“Good SEO is the Result of Experience, Expectations and Time”

As Production SEO Director at Consultwebs, Grant Brott ensures clients’ sites have proper SEO techniques applied to them prior to their launch. Grant analyzes on-page SEO, off-site SEO, local, site architecture, site speed, user experience and more to improve sites before launch, and also assists with guidelines and standards to keep sites up-to-date and reflective of changes within the industry. Grant is a gamer, a Marine, a proud dad, and an all around mench, and a long time friend of the podcast, and we are so grateful the stars finally aligned and he could join us for this very special episode.

Learn more about Grant Brott and Consultwebs HERE

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