Ep 148 – Marketing and Mindset

Ep 148 – Marketing and Mindset

Today on the show we’re talking about mindset, visualization, and achieving goals, with Stacy Bahrenfuss, of the Catalyst Group, and Limitless with Stacy B!








7 Mindset Habits of Highly Successful Attorneys

Today’s Hot Take comes to us from Crispvideo.com,” 7 Mindset Habits of the Attorneys Behind Today’s Fastest Growing Law Firms,” by Michael Mogill. He writes:
“I’ve learned to recognize certain patterns that exist in the habits of some of our most successful clients. Here are the top seven mindset habits I’ve seen in the attorneys leading today’s fastest growing law firms:

They are ambitious
They are engaged in their business
They hold themselves accountable
They are respectful
They are willing to change
They are lifelong learners
They set clear expectations”

“We Are In Constant Evolution”

Stacy Bahrenfuss is the Founder + CEO of Catalyst Group, a 7-figure operation and one of the top Real Estate teams in the state of Idaho. Stacy’s “inside out” methodology helps female change makers do the internal work to get to the core of the issue so they can see the truth, accelerate to freedom, create success with ease, and become limitless.

Learn more about Stacy Bahrenfuss HERE

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