Ep 57 – Legal Marketing In Splitsville

Ep 57 – Legal Marketing In Splitsville

Alternative legal services, DIY Legal in the palm of your hand, and then a chat with Erin Levine of HelloDivorce.com on listening to your clients, creating useful content and resources plus what it takes to successfully market a family law firm in Splitsville.

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Is The Future Law Firm Going To Be Like Uber? Legal Services On Demand

There are two articles in today’s Hot Take, and we’re looking at the future of legal consumers and legal product offerings in both. What’s the future look like when companies like LegalZoom and RocketLawyer are already gaining popularity? In the first article,  “There’s No Need To Hire A Lawyer When These Sites Let You Do It Yourself ” by Dawn Kawamoto we look directly at and compare the service offerings of the above mentioned online legal service providers, as well as several others. It’s good to know just what you can get these days, as well as what the expectations are and the outcomes – even though this one seems to take a bit less-than-favorable view of these things, stating,”…folks would be better off hiring an attorney if their needs stray beyond the simplest will…fast and cheap apparently doesn’t always work.” Fortunately our guest Erin Levine has a solution to this! You can read that one here:


Article number two is “The Future Of Legal Services: Putting A Law Firm In The Palm Of Your Hand” by Jeff Bell – important to note that Jeff is the CEO of LegalShield, which is a subscription law service. This one presents the idea of more app-based or project-based services, and in general has a much more favorable approach as well as some guidelines. Jeff also states,”First, let’s state the obvious: Lawyers are not known for customer service.” This can be a problem when customer service and access are what will separate you from the field in his opinion, and the whole idea of a lot of his approach is much more “customer-first” but he can back it up, so worth checking out here:

Bay Area Family Lawyer and Web Developer Extraordinaire

Erin Levine has been working for 14 years advising clients, litigating, negotiating and mediating contested and cooperative divorces, and running the respected boutique family law firm Levin Family Law in the Bay Area. In 2018, Erin snagged the grand prize at the Duke Law & Tech Accelerator Program. She is also the founder and CEO of Hello Divorce. a service that empowers clients to manage their separations online with easy to follow, step-by-step guidance and affordable access to top-notch lawyers. We are honored to have this opportunity to sit with Erin to chat about love and law on the LAWsome podcast.

Erin Levine

From Idea To Reality

In this excerpt from the podcast Jake and Paul talk with Erin about what was behind the initial idea for HelloDivorce and some of the early changes she made that based on user feedback:

Jake:  … So, in that quest to be the tour guide and lay things out in an easy to understand way, you have membership options, you have legal coaching as an option at Hello Divorce, there’s a pay-as-you go kind of plan. So, the drive to adopt those options, unpack that a little bit more in regards to Hello Divorce and how you have then transitioned that market research into what you’re offering there.

Erin: Initially, Hello Divorce was part of my law firm. So, I didn’t have to really worry about the ethics rules in regards to like unauthorized practice of law and what is legal advice versus what isn’t. So, I started that way. As of January 1, 2019, I now have two separate companies. But at the time, I really wanted to focus on getting a great product out there and great options out there that didn’t necessarily, you know, fall into one category or the other. I just wanted to see if there was a consumer demand. And so, initially, my biggest mistake was I offered way too many options. Users told me that they were excited about the options but super confused, they had no idea what to choose. They had enough pain points and new issues in their own personal lives to deal with. They kind of wanted me to direct them as to what it is that they needed as opposed to just, “Here are the options, pick what you need.” Because people just didn’t know what they needed.

What they do know is whether or not they’re willing to do something more do-it-yourself, whether or not they prefer to have somebody just pick it up and do it for them, and whether or not they need legal advice or strategy. So, they know that pretty quickly on. And so, we redesigned about six months after launch and shifted our focus to these membership options, wherein we also offer a la Carte services but it’s not like our main focus. Generally, what happens is if somebody purchases like a legal document [for] assisted divorce, at some point, they might need some legal help. And at that point, the legal document assistant will be like, “Here’s the link to purchase two to three hours of one of our lawyer’s time and you can use it however you want. You can email, you can Zoom video chat, you can have her review your documents and revise them. But it sounds like at this point in your divorce, it might make sense for you to have a couple hours of a la Carte services.”

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