Ep 59 – Inbound Marketing For Law Firms

Ep 59 – Inbound Marketing For Law Firms

We talk Inbound Marketing for lawyers with an article from Consultwebs and then we chat about audience and community engagement as well as content marketing strategies for law firms with Tara Hunt from Truly Inc.

What is Inbound Marketing For Lawyers?

Today’s Hot Take comes to us from the mothership – Inbound Marketing For Law Firms: Let The Fish Swim Into Your Net by Tanner Jones

In it, Tanner writes,”Inbound marketing for law firms focuses on making it easy for people to find you and making your marketing appealing enough for them to convert and contact you when they are ready to evaluate or make a decision.” There are several very distinct steps in the process, as identified by Tanner,” First, attract people to your website using high quality content and user focused law firm website design. Second, offering calls to action that match your visitors’ needs helps to convert them. Third, close your leads and turn visitors into clients. Lastly, it is important to continually please your clients to encourage them to bring future legal clients to you – or become a repeat client when applicable. When these steps are taken, you don’t have to go out and search for clients. Instead, with inbound marketing, prospective clients come to you.

This is completely different than the more disruptive types of advertising law firms may be used to – billboards, banner ads, TV commercials, etc. Thing is, lawyers are constantly wondering HOW to do advertising, what do they say, how do they dress – when in reality, you need to understand your clients and then base your messaging off of that. Check the full article here: https://www.consultwebs.com/blog/2013/05/inbound-marketing-for-law-firms-let-the-fish-swim-into-your-net-91535/

She Knows The Audience Is Listening

Tara Hunt has over 19 years experience in market research and strategy on both client and agency side. She is an author and her book,  The Whuffey Factor was of one the first books published internationally on how the social web is changing marketing. Tara was named one of 2013’s Entrepreneurial Women to Watch by Entrepreneur Magazine, and one of the Most Influential Women in Technology in Fast Company.

As the founder and CEO of Truly,  she can back up the marketing talk with a track record of proven success for her clients, and we are grateful she was able to make the time to join us on the show today.


Reel Them In…

In this excerpt from the podcast Jake and Paul talk with Tara about the idea behind giving a way information as a way to build trust and turn those people who think they can DIY into loyal clients:

Jake:… The next question is customer communities are frequently misunderstood like potential client pools, like, how do I get to these people? Just like you’re saying, serving those processing immigration numbers on Twitter is something those potential clients are desperately interested in. What are some other ideas that, law firm marketers can use to create that value? I mean, just kind of off the top of the head, how would a law firm go about finding their own value on social media to deliver or, you know, advertise from?

Tara:  I mean, once again, it’s going to depend on the type of law and the audience itself, you know? I can only really think in specific examples because it should be specific examples. But I do know lawyers who serve small businesses for instance. They understand that small businesses are run by a person who is  DIYing pretty much everything from their accounting to their contracts and paperwork, all that stuff. 

You know, they want to give enough, I guess, base information and share enough base information that they’re attracting those small businesses to the point where that when that small business, I mean, and I’m one of them, that when you hit that breaking point where you’re finally making enough money that you don’t have to do it all yourself anymore.

Now you can actually hire the professionals and get a little bit more organized.  We now have lawyers and accountants and all that stuff. When I’d hit that breaking point now because that firm has offered me all of those great resources and that place to come and ask questions,-  just lightweight questions along the way, now, I have that trust built in and of course I’m going to go and hire them. So…

Paul: What a great idea. I was just thinking about a lawyer trying to do that, trying to help through inbound marketing, educate, empower, provide some services for people to learn about the law in their areas. Then eventually when they need you, they’ll come and get you but only because you’ve provided value in front. You just talked about that from, you know, the B2B side, but it just translates and that’s really powerful.

Tara: Here’s an example. It’s not from the law side. It’s actually from the wealth management side. A client of ours has created videos…whole downloadable white papers and courses and lots and lots of content on how to DIY invest. Like walks through step by step… you know, “Here’s what you do and this is what…” You know, like advice on all that. The people that… They’re giving away the entire cow, right?

But what’s really crazy about what’s happened in that case is that it’s very similar to law.  You have a very strong set of skills in this area that is confusing, but a lot of people are starting to do more DIY. Well, instead of fighting the DIYers why not embrace them? That’s what they did and what happened was, of course, like, they get tens of thousands of followers on their YouTube channel. 

They liked, subscribed and [were] asking questions and they’re back and forth. Then these DIYers start making enough money that they’re like, “Oh, maybe I should hire you to just handle this stuff because I feel like now I need a little bit more nuanced help and broader wealth management help.” Now, they’re signing up these like half a million to a million dollar accounts.

But that’s similar to that scenario that I was talking about with these small businesses. There’s going to be a lot of DIYers is out there. There’s going to be a lot of people who want to learn this stuff, but if you teach them right, they’re going to get to that level that they can afford you.

Jake: Right.

Tara: Then reel them in.

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