Ep 64 – SEO For Law Firms

Ep 64 – SEO For Law Firms

We talk about Search Engine Optimization and how lawyers can use it for their firms, then we discuss digital marketing with THE Neil Patel.







 SEO Basics for Legal Digital Marketing

Today’s Hot Take comes from our ouw Consultwebs blog- SEO Basics for Legal Digital Marketing by Rachel Harmon. SEO is the front end of the conversion funnel. You want to guide people to your site by ranking well for relevant terms, but these days content and links don’t guarantee success. It is a long walk not a short sprint, and you need to go after some easy wins to build the momentum you need – this article gives an long but thorough list – YAY – of tactics you can use to start picking up those easy wins.

The Man Who Is Everywhere On The Internet.

Neil Patel is a NYT best selling author, has co-founded such successful digital marketing companies as Crazy Egg, Kissmetrics, has worked to grow notable companies like Amazon, NBC, Viacom, was named as one of the top 100 entrepreneurs by President Obama and the United Nations, is currently CEO of the Neil Patel marketing agency, helping businesses get more traffic and found on the web – and as if that wasn’t enough, Neil adds one more link to the chain with an appearance on the LAWsome podcast.


“Keep in mind, your customer isn’t a lawyer.”

In this excerpt from the podcast Jake and Paul talk with Neil about content marketing and writing for conversions as well as brand safety in light of recent revelations regarding privacy protection (or the lack of) on social media platforms:

Jake: Giving away expertise. It seems like that’s a theme in your work and it’s a barrier for lawyers in marketing. If people want the goods, they got to pay for it. So, what’s your philosophy here? And how can it apply to marketing in the legal profession?

Neil: Yeah, so in the legal profession, and it’s funny, I’ve worked with so many law firms and lawyers over the years, even the big sites, like the FindLaws of the world that are driving traffic, or LegalZoom, although LegalZoom is more so competing, but FindLaw is driving traffic to other lawyers. And the big thing that we found is lawyers want to write too technical content. Like if you want to do well in the law space, whether it’s business law, or DUI-related, or personal injury, whatever it may be, write simple content that everyone else can understand. Keep in mind, your customer isn’t a lawyer. So, if you’re writing content that’s above their head and too technical, and they’re not going to understand it, you’re not going to generate a lead.

Paul: Totally, that’s it. And, so we talk a lot too to lawyers about different platforms being more social, being more kind of like you said, trying to get down and not talking over people’s heads. But something that comes up a lot that we see is with regards to Facebook, so there’s, you know, these privacy violations, and data breaches, and then there’s brand safety concerns, like on YouTube. If you’re putting it out there, how do you personally deal with protecting your digital assets? And what advice do you give to your clients?

Neil: Yeah. So, you’re talking about you put your brand out there, you have your own assets, you know, people are going to end up taking…they’re going to abuse them, use them. And it’s funny, a lot of lawyers want to sue over it. I look at is it’s okay, they take your content, they link back to you, it’s driving your traffic. If they take your assets, they mention you, they don’t have your permission, but they’re linking to you, and they’re mentioning you, it’s extra free press. Removing those things or letting people have them doesn’t really do much of a difference. If they use them, you know, and instead of telling them to remove them, or trying to charge them a fee for it, try to get them to mention you. It’s so much easier because you’re getting extra brand awareness and traffic versus getting people to take it down or trying to charge them a fee. And you know, when you try charging them a fee or going after them, most of the times you’re not going to get much if anything anyways.

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