Ep 67 – Who Answers For Your Law Firm?

Ep 67 – Who Answers For Your Law Firm?

We talk about intake at law firms, why it’s so important, and then we speak with Diana Stepleton from Ruby Receptionists and learn how intake is so much more than just answering the phone!








The 4 Parts of a Perfect Client Intake Process

Today’s Hot Take is from Lexicata,  “The 4 Parts of a Perfect Client Intake Process” by Aaron George. In it Aaron writes,”A good client intake process is akin to a user-friendly interface on a smartphone app or website. When the interface is easy to interact with, the input of data is seamless and straightforward, and the computer program is fast, easy to use, and powerful. When the interface is confusing or buggy, problems start to occur.”

The four parts of a perfect client intake process should be “Easy – Efficient – Organized – Personal.” These are all good points, but our biggest take here is that the order should be reversed, with “personal” being at the top of the list. Clients should only experience the personable nature and smoothness of Efficiency and Organization without knowing it’s there, so while those internal focus points are important, none of it will happen if the person answering your phone is impersonal, or worse not a persona at all but a recorded greeting.

Make It Personal

Diana Stepleton is the Vice President of Partner Engagement at Ruby Receptionists, a virtual reception and answering service working with thousands of lawyers and law firms across the country – Diana has experience in both client facing and management roles at companies like Lucent, AT&T, IKEA, but it’s her work with Ruby Receptionists that brings her to the show today to talk about intake, why it’s important, and what lawyers can do about it.

Get More Information About Intake For Law Firms

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