Ep 68 – Eat Your Greens!

Ep 68 – Eat Your Greens!

We talk about strategy vs tactics and how marketing can grab the wheel, then we dig in with author & international master-marketer,  Wiemer Snijders, to talk about the book “Eat Your Greens,” and learn how lawyers can grow their brands. 








Marketing Strategy vs Tactics

Today’s Hot Take comes to us from Medium.com,“Marketing Strategy vs Tactics (The difference & why it matters)” by Ben Breen. It makes a good point about the difference between the big picture and close-up viewpoints of marketing. Ben writes:

“Strategy is being confused with tactics, and it’s all to the detriment of effective marketing.

What is strategy?
Strategy is the combination of things you need to do to hit one or more objectives, limited by time and resources. It’s what you set out to do to achieve some desired outcome with constrained resources over a specific timeframe.

What is a tactic?
A tactic is a technique, tool or method you will adopt do to hit a ‘measurable result’. In other words, a tactic makes no sense if you don’t know why you’re doing it. A tactic is meaningless and worse than useless unless it’s tied to an objective with measurable results.
As Sun Tzu said: tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”

Bringing Clarity to a Jumbled Marketing Picture

Wiemer Snijders is an author, editor, marketing consultant legend, and now Partner of The Commercial Works – a UK & Netherlands-based marketing firm focused on brand growth, where they bring tools to capture and sustain value while balancing volume and profit. After reading his 2018 book Eat Your Greens, a cornucopia of fact-based essays from the best minds in marketing today, it was clear we needed to have him on the show to help translate some of the commercial marketing insights for the legal audience.

Wiemer Snijders

On Marketing Messages and Entry Points

In this excerpt from the podcast Jake and Paul talk with Wiemer about the Texas Law Hawk, getting ads noticed, connecting with your audience and “entry points”: 

Wiemer: …this is a very simple reminder, I guess, in terms of what marketing needs to be about. You need to be noticed. You need to be easy to buy. And you need to be “thought worthy.” And, you know, it’s sort of a very simple thing. But it really is about that. In terms of being noticed, so [for example] the legal hawk. Was it…?

Jake: The Texas Law Hawk.

Wiemer: Texas Law Hawk, there you go. So, you know, that will be noticed. But, there’s many other ways of just making sure that you are being noticed and that could simply be the fact that you are advertising… But you need to make sure that people pay attention to the ad. An ad that’s not being…you know, if nobody pays attention to your ads, you might as well not advertise, obviously. So, you will have to think about how you will be noticed. How the ad itself will be noticed, but you don’t have to do crazy things. I think also, because I don’t know it, I wonder to what extent firms sort of research and investigate what comes to mind when people think of their industry or their category. So, one of the things that people think about when they think of not necessarily a law firm, but even a little bit more specific. Can you guys give me a specific area?

Jake: Yeah, personal injury.

Wiemer: So, what do people think of when they think of personal injury and any legal matters related to that? You know, one of the things that people think of and to what extent are you putting those things into your messages, it’s the idea of category entry points. That’s how Byron Sharp and Jenni Romaniuk call them. But just what do people think of when you think of what you can offer them? And maybe not so much because I think a lot of service advertising is very much about,”This is who we are. We’ve been here for 100 years. And look, we’re really good at this stuff.” And it’s a very inside-out way of reasoning or just telling people what the firm can do for you. But I do wonder whether there might be some value in just addressing a little bit more of the things that people know…what their clients actually say or think when they think of that category. That will make it more relevant.

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