Ep 72 – Launching A Successful Law Firm

Ep 72 – Launching A Successful Law Firm

What does it take to start a law firm right out of law school? We dig into an article from Business Insider and then we talk to Sasha Kamfiroozie of Kam Law about her journey from law school to law firm founder.





How I Started My Own Law Firm Right After Law School

Today’s Hot Take is from businessinsider.com “How I Started My Own Law Firm Right After Law School” by Branigan Robertson. Great advice in this one, and it is sort of a primer to what we discuss in-depth with Sasha.  Branigan makes eight points:

1 – Ignore the haters
2 – Plan ahead – detailed business and marketing plan, submitted to mentors for review
3 – Pick only one area of law
4 – Pick the right area? Some areas are harder to get into than others –
5 – Build referral network
6 – Build a website immediately
7 – Join organizations and Listservs
8 – Remember clients don’t care about your GPA, degree, or age

Starting A Law Firm The Right Way

Sasha Kamfiroozie is the founder and principal attorney at Kam Law where she advises business leaders regarding corporate governance, entity selection, conflict resolution, and other legal business stuff Sasha got her BA from the University of San Diego, her JD from California Western and has worked as a litigator, project manager, and content marketer and now she brings her unique set of skills to the LAWsome podcast.

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“Work with a company that takes the time to do a real in-depth analysis of your business.”

In this excerpt from the podcast Jake and Paul talk with Sasha about her experiences with digital marketing – what works, what doesn’t and what to look for when choosing an agency to work with:

Jake: Well, so specific to digital marketing for your law firm, like, what factors did you consider when you were evaluating agencies to work with? You know, when you’re saying you set your budget low, what else were some of the problems that you experienced, you know, getting your digital marketing program together? And then, how is it rocking now?

Sasha: Well, I think when I did it early on in practice, I didn’t really know what they were doing. I didn’t fully understand what they were doing. It was a small company. It was just two guys that did it. And I don’t feel like I ever got, like, a really good audit of my site or a recommendation of how they were going to solve it. It was just, “Yep, this is what we’re gonna do,” and it seemed like it was just very cookie cutter.

So I think it’s really important to work with a company that takes the time to do a real in-depth analysis of your business, who tells you what they think is wrong, and how they’re going to fix it. So I think choosing the company that seems to care the most and whose recommendations make the most sense is who you should go with. So for me, a big factor was also having a company that can explain what SEO is in plain English because it took me so long to really understand how it all works.

Jake: Yeah. And you’re not sure if you’re investing in the right part of the content spectrum, or do you have it? Is it optimized enough? We had Neil on the show and that was one of the questions is, like, a lot of lawyers are wondering…  search engine optimization is, like, an end goal. Like, “It’s done now. We’ve optimized everything.” That’s not how it goes. It keeps going and changing and you don’t know what you’re supposed to be investing in.

You know what? But there’s something about the humbleness that you mentioned earlier. I think a lot of people aren’t willing to admit that they don’t know those numbers or they’ll just be like, “Oh, that looks good. And I like what I see there, you know, it’s up and to the right,” but I think there’s a humbleness to you – that sort , “Do you wanna tell me what this is or how can I…?”

Do you think humbleness helped you listen to the recommendations? Because there’s a lot of people out there giving great recommendations for digital marketing. Neil Patel is one of them.

Sasha: Well, I think one of the things that I like about NPD is that there’s a team assigned to me that’s in contact with me kind of regularly. And, you know, I kind of adjust that when I’m really busy and pull back on the number of meetings that I have with them, but they’re always working on evolving the strategy as we see the results. And I think that’s really important. For example, we started with estate planning as my target because I’ve been in that space for many years and it was just an easy space. It was sort of the lowest cost to really rank high there. It’s not very competitive here in San Diego.

And now that we’ve made traction in that space for the past, I guess, about a year, we’re shifting over to the corporate work, which is, the work that I’m really, really enjoying and I’m really looking to build up. But that space is much more competitive and more expensive. So I guess you would want to work with a company that takes a full look at your site.

So now, we’ve been evolving my site to make it a little bit friendlier for potential clients, to include a lot more of the business work that I do since as I mentioned, I was much more heavy in trusts and estates until a couple of years ago. So I think setting things up, constantly being open to their recommendations, and also pushing back.

I have a team that if I push back will come back to me with other strategies and start to understand, you know, what are the things that I’m comfortable with and not comfortable with. As an attorney, ethics are really, really important to us. And so having that evolving strategy has worked really well for my site and now we’re looking at other strategies like shifting from SEO. We’re not taking away from the SEO but now adding the PPC. So I’m also much more comfortable I think spending more and more money as I’m seeing the company have good results.

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