Ep 76 – Positivity in Your Law Firm

Ep 76 – Positivity in Your Law Firm

We discuss an article from AboveTheLaw.com on how lawyers can cultivate a positive outlook, and we interview divorce lawyer and positivity guru Leigh Daniel.







Maintaining A Positive Outlook for Lawyers – Is This A Joke?

Today’s HotTake comes to us from one of our favorite sources – AboveTheLaw.com, “6 Tips For Lawyers On Maintaining A Positive Outlook,” by Gary J. Ross. At first I thought this was written as sarcasm, but then I realized that NOT taking itself so seriously was part of what it was trying to teach, and then I understood just how intentional this article was.

For lawyers especially, there are a lot of reasons to complain. Overwork, underwork, partner snubs, too much client contact or not enough. These are all well documented as well as the higher incidences of depression, suicide and substance abuse. Seems like a little positivity is hard to come by in law firms.

The author, a lawyer himself, is advocating the following:

Positive mantras, sing to yourself, encourage others to be positive, be happy, be physical.

You can’t disagree with the list – these things may help, singularly or all together, although singing and doing pushups while you’re cheering on your clients to look on the bright side while in a deposition may seem a little manic. It brings to mind the question of “positivity” and “faking it” and is there a difference? Does it matter? If it works,  it works, and he closes with this:

“If you’re in SmallLaw, there’s a lot against you… If you stop to think about it, it can seem overwhelming. So don’t stop and think about it. Chant your mantras. Sing your songs. Be happy, smile at the pain, lighten your step, and thank [insert applicable deity] for making you who you are.”

A Whirlwind of Positive Possibilities

With over 25 years experience as an attorney, Leigh Daniel doesn’t just practice family law in Huntsville, Alabama – Leigh is a swiss army knife of positivity – She is a certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer, a published author, and she’s also the founder of Project Positive Change – an organization of healers, artists, and business professionals, connecting its members with resources and empowerment that allow positive change to occur in their lives and communities.

Leigh also hosts her own Podcast “This Is Not Legal Advice,” featuring various professionals discussing how to live through a divorce and highlights ways to navigate family law in their life. Along with starting her own non-profit retreat center Leigh Acres, auditioning for a reality TV show, and raising 4 dogs 4 pigs and a duck, Leigh has been gracious enough to lend us some of her time today on the LAWsome podcast.

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