Ep 78 Law Firm Development & Marketing

Ep 78 Law Firm Development & Marketing

We discuss legal business development trends and then we talk to Lauren Currin the Founder & President of Lawyers Marketing Associates about strategies and marketing approaches to help grow your firm.







How Do Law Firms Invest In Sales & Growth?

Today’s Hot Take is from introhive.com called “5 Top Takeaways From Ackert’s 2018 Legal Business Development Trends Study,” by Adam Draper. Law firms struggling to earn new business and stay profitable and facing two typical options. There’s the traditional route, increasing rates and slashing expenses Or there’s the path shown to deliver stronger growth: investing more heavily in business development strategies. Adam consolidates the takeaways in to 5 points:

1. Coaching, Education Drive Revenue – Sales and business development coaching was the no. 1 most successful tactic for law firms of any size. This included one-on-one coaching, group trainings, online seminars, presentations, and outsourced business development consulting.

2. Make the Most of Your Client Relationships – ask clients for new business.

3. Collaboration Breeds Success – cross selling – leveraging your firm’s existing relationships

4. Get Out From Behind Your Desk – human relationships are still the foundation of business success

5. It’s Time to Shake Up Legal Business Development – If legal practices want to grow their firms, it’s clear that the industry as a whole is underinvesting and underperforming in terms of their marketing and business development strategies.

ALL of this is part of a marketing strategy – ALL of this is covered in Laurens ScoreCard, ALL of this is too much for one person to handle. We talk later about dreams versus reality in marketing and law firm development – these are all great points, but if you don’t have a guide, like Lauren, or some agency you believe in to help implement and maintain these tactics, it’s gonna be another 10 minute trip to the gym.

Helping Lawyers And Law Firms Expand Their Business And Grow Their Firms

Lauren Currin is the Founder & President of Lawyers Marketing Associates, a law firm development consulting agency that helps law firms grow by analyzing strengths/gaps to solve issues and develop definable, realistic and attainable goals. Lauren got her JD from Campbell Law University and she has managed to combine her law degree and legal experience with a long-time love of business development to create a career she loves. It’s this love and light and long term relationship with Consultwebs that brought her to the attention of the show

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