Ep 81 – How Lawyers Leverage Their Law Firms Intake & Referrals

Ep 81 – How Lawyers Leverage Their Law Firms Intake & Referrals

We talk about what sets a world-class intake department apart from the forgettable crowd, and then we chat with Maddy Martin from Smith AI about intake, marketing, referrals and law firm growth.








5 Qualities That Define a World-Class Law Firm Intake Department

Today’s Hot Take is from GrowPath.com, “5 Qualities That Define a World-Class Law Firm Intake Department, ” by Jim Farrin.  Here’s the list:

1 – They take training seriously
2 – They provide quality experience
3 – Easily ID and prioritize leads
4 – Excel at workflow management
5 – Find cases they didn’t know they had

Everyone is sold on diets, mindful eating, living stress-free – it’s all about attention. But when it comes to business, it’s more about raw survival, so you don’t pay attention – you just act!

Intake specialists, thinking of it like sales, training staff, doing what Smith.ai and Maddy talk about – that’s how you become more healthy with your marketing and sales – you pay attention, you become mindful. Items 3 + 4  on the list are key here – these are the top-of-the-top reasons why to hire pros for intake – these are not skills that can be easily taught and WILL translate into making money or losing money right on the first call.

Excellence in Digital Marketing, Audience Building, and Business Development for Law Firms

Maddy Martin is the head of growth and education at Smith.ai, a superior receptionist service for live calls & website chat. She has spent the last decade directing the marketing efforts of a diverse range of companies, helping them achieve their goals by applying her excellence in digital marketing, audience building, and business development. But it is her work at Smith-ai that brought her to the podcast today and we are so grateful she could join us.

Learn more about Maddy and Smith.AI

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