Ep 85 – Case Management & Law Firm Marketing

Ep 85 – Case Management & Law Firm Marketing

How lawyers are failing with technology, and then a discussion with Darren Fancher & Gabriela Cubeiro from CasePeer about case management, marketing, & how lawyers can succeed with technology.






How Lawyers Are Failing With Technology

Today’s Hot Take is from OnDemandLawOffice.com “Two Ways Lawyers Fail With Technology” by Brandon Osterbind. When it comes to law practice technology, there are generally two types of failures. Lawyer who resists tech, and the lawyer who loves technology so much that all she does is play with the latest new toy and doesn’t get any work done.

Opposite ends of the line, and we think most law firms fall somewhere in between – might use some tech but not fully integrated in one central system. Everyone uses email, so you can’t be a total Luddite, but – is there going to be a point in the future (maybe sooner than we think) where not being full integrated with collaborative case management software will be viewed the same as a flip phone and AOL IM?

For solo and small firm lawyers, there are those who stick their heads in the sand when it comes to law practice technology. This puts them at a competitive disadvantage. For those solos and small firm lawyers who want to survive, there are a few pieces of technology that they must implement in their law practice today:

1. Case Management System

2. Paperless Office

3. Document Automation

When it comes to implementing law practice technology, you have to ask yourself a few questions:
Will this increase my efficiency if I use it as intended?
Will I use it as it is intended?
Can I train my staff to use this program religiously?
Will this program provide an added value to my clients?

Standout Case Management For Law Firms

CasePeer is a case management solution for plaintiff attorneys that streamlines their practice from intake to settlement. We are joined today by Darren Fancher, and Gabriela Cubeiro who are the CEO and Director of CasePeer, respectively.

Darren got his J.D. from UC Hastings College of Law, and a master’s degree from the University of Southern California, he’s also a member of the California Bar. His diverse skills and resources developed as an attorney, finance professional, and entrepreneur help him understand and address the many needs of the modern law firm.

Prior to joining forces with CASEpeer, Gabriela spent six years as the marketing manager at a personal injury law firm. This unique perspective and insight into the needs of attorneys and staff combined with her extensive experience in marketing, customer reach, and product development, makes CASEpeer the standout among case management software that it is.

Learn more about CASEpeer HERE.

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