Ep 86 – From Lawyer to Law Firm Owner

Ep 86 – From Lawyer to Law Firm Owner


We talk about how NOT to start a law firm, and then we talk to lawyer and law firm owner, Brit Malpiede, about how TO start a law firm.







Is This What You Need To Start A Law Firm?

Today’s Hot Take is from Designhill.com “8 Tips On How To Start A Solo Law Practice,” by Henny Kel. This article is really not a good guide to anything, but we chose to discuss it as an example of the type of advice that’s floating around the internet. Much of it is general, unhelpful and straight-up wrong. And we found this on page one of the search results, so it’s either very popular, or there aren’t many lawyers looking for advice on how to start a law firm online.

It’s another chapter in his “How to start a law firm” series – which the designer/blogger writes, for a site that designs logos. This was the FOURTH link for “starting a law firm” – how in the hell are lawyers supposed to know what’s important when all they hear is the loudest voices? Later on, Brit talks about hanging up on numerous marketing and ad agencies – we can see why if this is the type of “information” they are pushing.

How To REALLY Start A Law Firm – From An Actual Lawyer

Brit Malpiede is a lawyer and law firm owner, focusing on family law and divorce in the state of California – Brit got her JD from California Western Law – and she’s on every bar imaginable in San Diego plus she received the State Bar of California’s Pro Bono Service award three times. And after all this, Brit has been gracious enough to come on the show and talk about how amazing she is.

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