Ep 88- Data Security in the Law Firm

Ep 88- Data Security in the Law Firm

We’re talking cyber security, ransomware, and data recovery with an article from Above The Law, and then we are joined by the cyber security good guys Nathan Little and Christopher Gerg of Gillware.








Data Security & Cyber Security In Law Firms: How Good Is It?

Today’s Hot Take comes to us from AboveTheLaw, “Lawyers And Cybersecurity In 2019: How Does Your Firm Compare?” by Nicole Black, who is awesome. She writes:

“In 2019, cybersecurity is an issue that is — or should be — on the minds of lawyers in firms big and small. This is because lawyers have an ethical obligation to preserve the confidentiality of client information. And as lawyers increasingly move their data into digital format, that obligation necessarily shifts to the firm’s data stored online.”

According to the most recent ABA Legal Technology Survey Report, the types of security measures used vary greatly from firm to firm. Ideally, effective network and data security should include the following at minimum:

Password-protect all devices
Physical protections for firm hardware
Password managers
Secure computing in the cloud
Security assessments

“How does your law firm compare? Are you doing everything that you can — and should — be doing to secure your law firm’s data and systems? If not, there’s no better time than now to increase your firm’s security by performing a security audit and establishing additional security procedures for your firm.”

The Cyber Security Good Guys

Gillware offers digital forensics, incident response, and ediscovery to businesses ranging from large to small, as well as law firms across the country.

Nathan Little is the VP of Digital Forensics & Incident Response – Nathan joined as an engineer writing custom software, and has since helped to develop Gillware’s proprietary data recovery tools.

Christopher Gerg is VP of Cyber Risk Management, and a technical lead with over 15 years of information security experience. Chris has worked in numerous roles building, testing and breaking into information architecture at high-level corporations, he’s also authored the book “Managing Network Security with Snort and IDS Tools”

And if all that wasn’t enough – Chris and Nathan have decided to break into our podcast, give us their data, and record this interview.

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