Ep 89 – Understanding PR & Marketing for Law Firms

Ep 89 – Understanding PR & Marketing for Law Firms

We discuss PR vs marketing, then talk about how lawyers can effectively and ethically manage media relations, PR, and marketing for their firms with lawyer & founder of CopoStrategies, Wayne Pollock.








Should Law Firms Invest In Public Relations?

Today’s Hot Take is from AboveTheLaw.com “The Practice: Are Public Relations Firms Still Relevant?” by Brian Tannebaum. He opens with:

“Are public relations firm still relevant? Yes – now go back to whatever you were doing.”

Marketing and PR are different – they tread the same ground sometimes but perform different functions. How you are perceived by the public – in the media, in print – is something that if done right will pay back your investment with dividends.

“What a good PR agent does well is to put you together with the right people and events, and keep you away from the wrong ones. This may mean a one-on-one meeting, a sponsorship at a key event, or making you available to the media.”

Think of it this way  – if your firm is consistently represented as the experts, the “go to” people when there is a legal matter, then clients will seek you out. You won’t have to focus your marketing and advertising efforts on chasing them down, and this is a very good position to be in. It’s a great article, and he ends with:

“While every lawyer in town is running to the so called “digital marketing firms,” consider a public relations firm. You may find it better to actually meet the people that can help you build your business, rather than hope they are pointing and clicking their way to your bank account.”

Managing Media Relations Ethically, Strategically and Proactively During Legal Disputes

Wayne Pollock was a litigator at Deckert LLP, one of the largest and most prominent law firms in the world, with more than 900 attorneys worldwide, and more than $1 billion in annual revenues. In his more than six years at the firm, he obtained favorable outcomes for clients by analyzing and presenting complex legal and factual issues. After leaving Deckert in 2016, and based on his decades of experience engineering positive public relation results for clients, Wayne founded Copo Strategies, where he helps his clients manage media relations ethically, strategically and proactively during legal disputes to this very day. And as if this wasn’t enough – he’s decided to enter the LAWsome court of opinion.

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