Ep 90 – FrankenFirm: Piecing Together Innovation & Legal Tech

Ep 90 – FrankenFirm: Piecing Together Innovation & Legal Tech

We talk legal innovation, tech adaptation, and how lawyers are piecing together solutions, and then we chat with lawyer, consultant, and legal tech mad scientist Jess Birken.







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Legal Innovation in Tech: Why, How and What For?

Today’s Hot Take is from AboveTheLaw.com “Innovation In Legal Services: A Pipe Dream Or A Necessity?” by favorite of the show Nicole Black.  This is her write up of  a book by Michele DeStefano, author and Professor of Law at the University of Miami, “Legal Upheaval: A Guide to Creativity, Collaboration, and Innovation in the Law,” She writes:

“These days there’s a lot of talk about innovation in the legal profession. Debates abound on whether the legal industry is immune from the disruptive influences of technology. Legal futurists and their ilk assert that the answer is a resounding “no;” the practice of law is already undergoing a dramatic transformation. Meanwhile, many lawyers steadfastly disagree, all the while digging in their heels and practicing law as they’ve always done, insisting that analytical thought and legal guidance simply can’t be replaced by machines.”

We’ve had Michele on the show and she discussed innovating and solving problems in innovative ways at a law firm. But there’s also problems – from Michele’s workshop description:

“We give the teams big crates… full of tools — things to play with during our exercise (e.g., LEGOs, crayons, and spaghetti). And we play. We play with markers and crayons because it inspires us. We play music because it moves us. We play improvisation games because they change us. And we laugh hard.”

Nicole writes,” In all honesty, this entire scenario sounds horribly uncomfortable to me. I can’t imagine interacting in this way with my professional colleagues, and I’m not sure I’d even enjoy this type of activity on my own time with family or friends. And I can’t imagine that most of my lawyer colleagues would feel any different.”

So my take is, and what we find out later with Jess, is the desire to want to adopt the small fixes that will get you to the goal, is more important than the tech – a resilience and a willing to test and sew together different solutions towards a bigger goal.

Hack Your Practice

Jess Birken is the owner of Birken Law Office, where she helps nonprofits solve problems so they can quit worrying and get back to the mission. She got her JD from Mitchell Hamline School of Law, got her Masters in Nonprofit Management from there as well – she has a Bachelors in Sociology she’s a Certified Transformative Mediator and so she’s probably reading our minds right now….with a track record that impressive and a Twitter presence impressiver, we’re so thankful that Jess is haunting our hallways on this very special episode of LAWsome.

Learn more about Jess Birken HERE.

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