Ep 93 – Legal Tech, Podcasts, and the Future Proof Law Firm

Ep 93 – Legal Tech, Podcasts, and the Future Proof Law Firm

We talk haunted law firms, technology competence, startups, podcasting, and more with The Podfather himself, Bob Ambrogi.








How Can Lawyers Guarantee They’ve Reached the Required Level of  Technical Competence (Yes We Are Asking Seriously)?

Today’s Hot Take comes to us from AboveTheLaw.com,” OK, We Get Technology Competence, But How Do We Get Technologically Competent?” by Robert Ambrogi. In it, he writes:

“By now, you’ve probably heard of the duty of technology competence. As more and more states adopt it, more and more articles get written about it, and more and more CLEs get presented about it. But the focus of all this is largely on the nature and scope of the duty. One aspect we hear little about is how lawyers can get and remain technologically competent.”

So now that 37 state bars have adopted a tech competence aspect to the model rules for lawyers, how can lawyers guarantee that they’ve reached the required level?

A new tech certificate from Suffolk Law with an online course is an answer maybe – schools adopting tech indexes tracking how firms are adopting tech, prototyping tech courses in schools, and people like  Michele DeStefano with EvolveTheLaw prove that there is no shortage of ideas here.

“We distinguish between the study of legal-service delivery innovation and technology , on the one hand, and the study of law where it intersects with technology (i.e., law applied to technology, what we call ‘law and [technology]’ courses), on the other hand.”

Tech for work – tech for life – tech for calendar – tech for marketing – tech for clients – the end result isn’t being able to use all the tech, but to adapt and enhance your problem solving toolkit to include tech and innovation – knowing it’s possible…..competence is the point, and seems like Bob feels the same way.

This article is encouraging. We have heard the “lawyers are slow to adapt” lament from various sources, but there seems to be little to no follow-up with regards to solutions. While certifications may not be the end-all method, at least it is a starting point – in the digital marketing /internet arena, there are many certificates that both address a minimum competency level as well as ensure people are up to date by requiring recertification. It’s a good model, and if it gets some credibility and or endorsement from larger organizations/legal providers / schools it’s a great foundation to build on.

To quote Daniel Linna Director of The Center for Legal Services Innovation at Michigan State University College of Law:

“We should be teaching lawyers about the business of law, process management, how to use data, and how to be entrepreneurial,” “We want to give law schools a roadmap for how to do this.”

Who’s the Cat That Won’t Cop Out When There’s Danger All About?

Who’s the lawyer, consultant, author, podcaster, covering the intersection between legal and tech for well over 20 years? Besides multiple books, award-winning podcasts, and prominent blogs, who makes appearances at legal tech events the world over? Who’s been an editor, a fellow, a president, a founder, and who’s been recognized as one of the law’s smartest, and most courageous innovators? We are of course speaking of the PodFather himself, Mr. Bob Ambrogi, who was generous enough to join us on the show today, for which we are truly honored and can now cross one of the top items off the podcast bucket list.

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